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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Randomness of Me

There are a lot of updates to be covered so forgive the blurb style of this post.

Vic's diabetes - For the most part, his blood sugar is under control. It still spikes if he has a really bad night sleeping or if he get sick but There are many days when it never goes above 140 (still a bit high but oh so much better than the week it was spiking to between 450 and 550). All the bloodwork numbers they check when they monitor diabetes have improved...some of them dramatically. The downside is that wile Vic is controlling his blood sugar (diet and insulin), the humongous doses of insulin required to do this are causing a small amount of weight gain so it looks like Lap Band surgery is becoming a necessity. Before anyone suggests radical diet changes or huge exercise plans, everything that can be done in those areas is being done. Vic takes so much insulin that you could probably drop an elephant with his dosage. He takes enough Lantus that they actually HAD to split it into two daily dosages.

Doggie update - Remember when my dog was hurt? Well, it appears that the second cycle of anti-inflammatories gave her the time she needed to heal completely. The vet didn't think it would work but Jolie girl proved her wrong. Jolie is showing no pain or reduction in function at all.

Household crappola - It appears all our good luck was used up by the car repair and the plumber visit. The latch on my dishwasher broke last night. It looks like it would be a fairly simple repair (only one piece to replace, I think) but Vic and I can't get the door panel off. 2 of the screws that hold the panel in place won't come out. The screws turn and turn but do not come out of the panel at all. If I can't remove the panel, I can't fix it. So, Casa de la Cruz is temporarily without an automatic dishwasher. I think Vic is applying for the job...LOL. Any brilliant ideas on how to get the screws out?

Kids - Joey got his Wolf badge at the cub scout Blue and GOld banquet this weekend...go Joey!!!
My much beleagured middle schooler is showing signs of growing up. On Saturday, he had come in to my room to ask me something (I was still in bed). While he was there, Gabe started yelling to get out of bed. Marty said, "I'll get him and take care of him this morning. Go back to sleep mom." That was such a wonderufl gift.
Gabe has a slightly split and swollen lip. He did a kamikaze leap off the arm of a chair and hit his chin. When he hit his chin, he bit his lip HARD. Ah the fun.

Me - Everything is good. I have a headache today but we had such a good day yesterday. We played int he snow and built a snowman. I got to read and stitch and crochet. What a great day.


Barb said...

Poor Vic. :( I'm glad his blood sugar is down though.

I need your email to send you interview questions! :)

Sheliza said...

Well for the most part, looks like things are not all that bad :) The part that gets me is the dishwasher. What exactly do you do again if you don't have use of it?? lol, spoiled! Congrats to Joey on his accomplishment! I hope you have a great day ♥

Meari said...

Can you grasp the edges of the screws with something like an adjustable wrench and pull them out? If the hole is stripped, you could put a plastic anchor in there so the next set of screws have something to grab onto. (Just thinking out loud here...)

Beautiful Mess said...

Poor Gabe! Hope he's feelin ok. I think I mentioned it before but one of my very close friends had the Lap Band procedure done in December and he is very happy with it. No complications at all. It sounds like maybe your screws are stripped, maybe a magnetic screwdriver will help? Good job, Joey! I'm happy your dog made a full recover. Hope your headache goes away! HUGS!

Cara said...

Yikes - that was more than three! Isn't this stuff supposed to happen in threes?

Hang in!

Bean said...

screw you and your broken dishwasher!! it's good for you to be brought down to our* level every once in awhile, BWAHahaha :D

(*the society of poorass motherfuckers still washing their dishes by hand, day in and day out, hours a day!!)

Kristin said...

Its a good thing I love you Bean! ROFLMAO