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Monday, March 16, 2009

A most Fantabulous giveaway...

Kari of Mothering My Miracle Multiples is having her first giveaway and it is fantabulous. Thanks to Kari's very vocal adoration for the Whipped Shea Butter made by Great Cake Soap Works, the owner of Great Cake Soap Works has made some available for Kari's giveaway.

My hubby doesn't know it but the next time he has some overtime in his paycheck, I know where I'm spending it. I think the Cinnamon Bun Coffee Soap is calling my name.

Head on over to Kari's, follow the contest rules and enter.


Beautiful Mess said...

Good luck! My poor husband has NO idea I've found this site.

Amy W said...

Thanks for spreading the word!! Best wishes to you!