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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

House Supplies R Us

Vic called his brother to ask him if he had any idea how to get the two offending screws out that are preventing repair of our dishwasher. Vic's brother had an even better solution than getting out the screws and replacing the broken part (which costs $27 plus s&h). He told us that Habitat for Humanity runs a store here in Wake County and all the proceeds from the store support Habitats mission. My BIL got a dishwasher there for $30 about a month ago. So, tomorrow I am going to Habitat for Humanity's store and buying a dishwasher. Check out the store and see the phenomenal prices they have there. They sell furniture, appliances, counters, and much, much more. I bet this is something that is done in many locations and you can get one hell of a deal while supporting a great cause.


Ken's choice said...

We have those big stores here, they are so big, you'll need a day to see everything they sell, and they even deliver to your house for a small amount.
I have never bought there, but all my english books I've read go there.they have one customer who buys them as soon as they come in,
I'm glad to get rid of them, he/she's glad to have a bargain.
I've got 15 for them now !!!
good luck Kristin, I hope you'll find one, washing up is not for our delicate hands ,is it ?

Beautiful Mess said...

We have a store like that here! They get appliances and supplies from remodels and then proceeds go to our community. I love that place! YAY for getting a dishwasher!!!

NHStitcher said...

How neat! I wish they had one near us!

Tanyetta said...

WOW! That's a great place.

My garbage disposal decided to stop working. My friend's husband is a handy man. He came over and within 5 seconds and a little metal tool, he fixed the problem.

Can you imagine if I would have paid to have a fix it company out here!