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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Random Bits

Lots of little tidbits to share but none of them are worthy of a full post...
  • I'm reading an awesome book called Juliet by Anne Fortier. It's a great story with lots of intrigue, a bit of romance, and, yes, it is THE JULIET in the title.
  • Sadly, our plumbing fix wasn't one. We had to pay a plumber (and, oh boy did we pay). A clog in the main line leading away from the house + 3 boys does not = a good, wholesome living environment.  
  • The plumber said it wasn't anything we did in the 4 years of living here. It was caused by 30+ years with no decent preventative maintenance.
  • Don't refuse to help during an emergency, *claiming lack of funds despite having enough spare funds to make a large frivolous purchase, and then feign enough concern to call and see if we found someone to help.
  • My parents are the most incredible, kind, caring, giving, generous people around. Other people could learn from them.
  • My kids ROCK.  I woke up with a raging migraine on Monday.  When I got back from dropping the younger two off at school, Marty asked what was wrong and, when I told him about the migraine, he said "Give me my school assignments and then go back to bed.  I'll be fine."
  • My house is rebelling.  In less than 2 weeks we had to fix the dryer and pay a plumber for a grand total of over $700.
  • The anniversary of our church wedding is on the 11th of November and the 16th anniversary of our marriage is on November 21st.  I am lucky enough to be married to my soulmate and I can't believe we've been married that long..
  • Gabe and I get to have breakfast at his school tomorrow.  They are having a pancake breakfast for  the parents and kids so we can get to know each other.
So,  what's going on in your life?

* This is not referring to any of you guys.  Yall are awesome.  Sadly, I don't think the individual it refers to would have a clue it is addressed to them.


    Mrs. Gamgee said...

    I finally got around to finishing Juliet this morning... soooooo good! Glad you were able to find it.

    I'm sorry about the plumbing issues and the dryer... kinda sounds like my September.

    Kakunaa said...

    I am going to have to get my hands on a copy of this book. And I am so sorry for the rough week :(

    Totally off subject, I did send you my address for the book, right?

    Emma said...

    Happy anniversary! I know exactly what you mean about not believing it's been so long. We've been married 14.5 years, and it still feels like just yesterday we were starting out. Where did all these kids come from? ;)

    battynurse said...

    Yuck on the plumbing bills. I remember my mom having something like that and she had to have half of her back yard dug up.
    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Sheliza said...

    I am sorry about your plumbing woes. Anything that ever has to deal with water blows. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. I wish you both a lifetime of happy anniversaries to come! Enjoy your time having pancakes with your little buddy.

    I am working on myself these days. Turns out I am way better a wife and mother than I realized and it is time to delegate some things to the rest of the family. It's hard when you want to do everything for everyone but you are actually doing a disservice to all at the same time. Why did I have to be so damn nice? ;)