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Friday, November 19, 2010

It's reversed...and some randomness...

Once again, my week seems to be reversed. My weekend is far, far busier than my week and it all started tonight. Joey got Tae Kwon Do sparring gear from my parents for his birthday and the last of it came in today. That meant I got to spend 2 hours at the studio tonight...1 hour for regular class and 1 hour for sparring. Then, Joey and I came home and worked on his rocket for the Cub Scout space Derby which happens to be tomorrow morning. Right now, I have a cake in the oven and, at some time tomorrow, I need to vacuum. So, tomorrow morning, I get to get up at 7:30 (oh yuck) so Joey and I can be ready and at the derby by 9 for the Webelos race at 9:30. I'm praying we will be completely done and home by noon (hopefully 11, bwahahahahaha) because I have to finish frosting and decorating the cake for Joey's birthday party with his friends. The party starts at 2:30 and we'll be officially done at 4:30 but I can guarantee the kids that live in the neighborhood will probably hang around later.
Is it wrong to admit that I was kind of hoping the sparring gear would take a bit longer to get here? I wanted to go hang out with my crafting group tonight but I had promised Joey I would take him to sparring class when the gear came in.
I just finished the newest book by Rick Riordan, The Lost Heroes. This is the first book in another series that focuses on the demigod children of Olympus. The story is just as captivating as the original 5 Percy Jackson books and it promises to be a hell of a lot of fun.
If you live near a Kroger and still need a turkey, they have turkeys on sale for 39 cents per pound. You have to buy $25 worth of groceries including the turkey to get that price but, since I needed things anyway, it was a great deal for me. I got a 22+ pound turkey for about $8.
Why do children going through puberty pick one parent to be the enemy? When Marty was in the throes of puberty, Vic was the Eeeeeeevil Dad. Now, Marty says "Dad is pretty cool to hang out with." It's Joey's turn now and he has elected Vic to the evil Dad position too.  If it wasn't so frustrating to deal with, I'd be laughing my ass off.
I offered my services as a seamstress to a friend who needs a bridesmaid/party dress in early December.  She, being the awesome individual that she is, offered to pay me. While I love the idea of being paid for doing something I love, I had the hardest time asking for a decent price.  I asked a friend who is a major fashionista and an incredible seamstress what she would charge (including materials cost) and just about croaked at what she mentioned.  I finally settled on a price and, even though it felt really weird to ask for it, she didn't hesitate. I am totally looking forward to doing this.  She has promised to show it off after I finish it for her.
Hehehehe, one of my kids' friends made a funny crack this week.  He asked my boys if they knew who he routed for in car races...and then cracked up and said he routed for the wall.


WiseGuy said...

LOL...I guess when I have Kaiser, my weekend will be as booked as the rest of my week!

Good Luck helping your friend out with the dress...I hope it turns out beautifully!

Well, we get to face the music we made our parents bear when we were growing up...

Kakunaa said...

So much going on! Where are you finding the time to read? LOL.

Sheliza said...

Well it does sound like things are about to get busier but a good organized kind of busy. Great deal on your turkey! I got lucky, my MIL got both a ham and turkey from work so I did not have to spend a dime. Also my FIL brought over a big box loaded with veggies and more than half of it was stuff on my list anyway. Can you say SCORE!?

PFM said...

Hi Kristin. I think that's awesome you are getting paid for your talent. I have been MIA for a long time. Combination of writers block and busy, busy life. I hope to be back to catching up and writing.
Happy ICLW