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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day #2

After I don't know how many years of no snow days, we are on snow day number 2. Joey has been wishing for a snow week but he doesn't realize that they might not live through a whole week of snow days. Marty and Joey spent the morning (excluding the time outside) arguing over video games. I finally snapped and told them that it stopped or they would lose video games for a week and, by the way, for a few days, they were no longer allowed to play games together. I am hoping they are in a better mood because it is much *colder this morning and I don't think they will be out in the snow any time soon.

Just in case they don't behave, Evil Mom is ready to come play and she has 1-800-GypsiesRUs on her speed dial. One push of a button and they can come pick up the kids.

*We started the day at 17 degrees.


K said...

You're danged right about having the gypsies on speed dial! Gah, I hate missed school!

~Tammy said...


Dora said...

And of course they will have to shovel their own path to the gypsies vehicle.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain! We were snowed in for a WEEK! That was the week BEFORE Christmas break. Thank you for the beautiful scarf, I LOVE it!

Carolyn said...

May I borrow that number from you? (((HUGS))). I hope they give you a little peace today.

Tanyetta said...

They're BOYS! Why is that always the response when we tell people how our boys are behaving?

That number was busy. I guess they have a waiting list now. LOL