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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Contest is on...but with a big Mea Culpa attached

I need to apologize to KT of I Just Want to be a Mom. I had one of those days and got frustrated about not being able to give the book away before I gave her a real chance to answer me. I really am sorry KT. I don't usually get that impatient but I was running on fumes since my little boy woke me up at 2:30 and then was up for good at 5 am with a nightmare. I really thought I had given you longer to respond. I will be sending KT a copy of Mel's book but I want to give one more away since I announced the contest. Its not your fault I was a bonehead.

Sooooo...post to this post and tell me why you want or need Mel's book. I will (at my discretion) pick a winner early Saturday. Any posts that are here when I wake up on Saturday are eligible to win.

Remember, I will need your address to pre-order this book for you!

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NHStitcher said...

HUGS! Glad you got it straightened out!