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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Band Saws and Scroll Saws and Sanders...oh my!

It's Pinewood Derby time! So, last night, Joey's Cub Scout den met at a kid's house rather than our normal meeting place. The dad there kindly offered his fully stocked shop to cut and form the boys' pinewood derby cars. I got to play with a scroll saw..woohoo. There were two other mom's there with their boys and neither of them were that into it. I had a great time and have added a fully stocked shop to my dream list if I ever win the lottery.

Before this meeting, all the parents and their kids had decided on a design and had sketched it onto the block of wood that comes in the kit. Some boys design for speed, some are trying for uniqueness, and some want the best looking car...awards are given out in all three categories. Joey decided to pursue the uniqueness award and decided we should make a military truck.

I had some help cutting off the big pieces (didn't mind if I screwed up my cars but I didn't want to mess up Joey's car). I figured out how to cut the scraps to make the cab and cut the pieces all by myself. Yay me! The cab is hollow because we need a place to put the weights so we can hit the 5 oz weight limit.

Once everyone else was done doing their major cutting, I decided to cut my cars. And, I decided to cut them completely by myself. Yeah, even though I can't compete, I'm making some cars. I have so much fun doing this. I have three cars to sand and paint. Two are shown below. The other one is just a simple triangular wedge so I didn't bother taking a picture.

I will definitely show you pics once Joey and I are done sanding and painting our cars.


Velda said...

ooohhhh tools, how fun!!!!! Look forward to the finished project

Cara said...

You rock! I have to admit - with a hubby who is a General Contractor and has a fully stocked shop...I would defer.

So - to reiterate - YOU ROCK!

Lori said...

You are one cool mom.

Sheliza said...

wow you are a great momma! Looks like a cool project, can't wait to see the end result!

Chris said...

Never got into the cutting of the pinewood derby cars (that was DS and his dad's thing)....but I remember race days.
Can't wait to see the finished vehicles.

~Tammy said...

I lost the mitre saw in the divorce and I miss it greatly. I would whine and moan about not having it any longer, especially when do the renovations in preparation of listing the house for sale. I had to borrow one from a friend and hesitatingly gave it back!