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Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm frustrated...with contest included.

Why am I frustrated you might ask? I was lucky enough to win a runner's up prize in Angrycanrn's contest and I am now the proud owner of an Amazon gift card. I want to use part of it to pay forward a copy of Mel's book, you know the one with the big old link on my sidebar. I've contacted two of the new bloggers from the last LFCA of 2008. I posted to their blog and gave them some general info (since neither had an email link) and my email address. Now, I can understand not feeling comfortable enough to give out mailing addresses. I really can. But, if either of them had even emailed me, I'm sure we could have found a way around it (or I could move on to someone else without worrying that I will leave them hanging).

I've never had such a hard time giving something away before.

If you want a copy of the book and might have a hard time affording it or just can't get it for whatever reason, post here and tell me why you deserve a copy of the book. I will randomly pick someone this Friday.


K.T. said...

I am sorry you are frustrated with not being able to find my e-mail address on my blog. I appreciate you reaching out to me and wanting to "pay forward" Mel's book. I really appreciate that. If you would still like to do that you can contact me at ijustwantttobeamom@gmail.com
However, if you would like to continue with your contest for someoe who is more in need of this book I understand. I never meant to frustrate you I just saw your post today, only one day after you made it.

Kristin said...

Sorry KT...it was one of those afternoons. Of course, you may have the book! YAY!