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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do I talk too much?

It took me almost 4 yrs to hit my 200th post...1,397 days to be exact. That is only an average of 1 post every 7 days.

I am now almost to my 300th post. I have posted 90 times in 99 days.

So, I have to ask...do I talk to much?

(ROFL...and I know what your answers are going to be my dear smart-assed friends)


*Btw, one person has received her gift from my 200th post. Once she posts a picture, I will also show it here.

**Here are pics of the ornament I sent to lovely Stacie of Heeeeere Storkey, Storkey! I am so excited that it is already hanging on her tree.


Eva said...

I just passed 500 posts but I totally forgot to mark the occasion. Oh well.

Stacie said...

It's up, it's up! Thank you so much!!!


NHStitcher said...

Congratulations on your post count!

That ornament is beautiful! I love it! IT's so winter-y!

Meari said...

What a cute biscornu! Nah, I wouldn't say you talk too much. :D