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Monday, December 08, 2008

"Why do I have to do everything right when you tell me to?"

My children say and do the strangest things. Sometimes they are clueless, sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are a little of both.

Joey is the proud owner of the quote I used as the title of the post. He was overtired and didn't feel like cooperating when he threw that gem back at me. Joey also frequently says, "I forgot." He says this about everything all the time. You can ask him to pick up his pajamas and, 10 minutes later, they will still be on the floor. His response..."Oh, sorry, I forgot." After the 100th time of being told not to run through the house and be wild at 7:30 at night because Gabe is getting stirred up..."Oh, sorry, I forgot." I forgot drives me insane.

Marty's favorite excuse that drives me crazy is "I didn't mean to." He expects this to make up for whatever clueless thing he has done. After he has walked across the floor and stepped directly on the only toy anywhere near him for the 100 millionth time (always within a few minutes of being reminded to watch where he is going)..."I didn't mean to." After distracting Gabe and getting him wild when he has been told, "Please don't. I'm trying to change Gabe."..."I didn't mean to." Marty also does goofy things to make his brothers laugh that end up morphing into cluelessness that makes me laugh. Marty stuck his hand into the back of his pants to scratch his butt and make Gabe laugh. Then, for whatever reason, he shoved his hand down the leg of the pants. So, picture this, his arm reaches behind him and is extending down the back of his leg inside his pants. Here is where it gets funny...its a normal pair of pant, not sweatpants. The arm in the pants tightened the waistband enough that he can't get his arm back out. I started laughing but I really lost it when he tried to use the free hand to unbutton his pants and get ot his trapped hand but he couldn't unbutton it because it was so tight. He actually needed us to free him from his pants. Damn I wish I had a picture of that.

Gabe seems to be developing a fine tuned sense of humor. For the past year, he has been specializing in body humor. Hell, if he's like most males, that will be his specialty for life. Two of his best gems dealt with burping. Last December, after farting,he looked at us with amazement and said, "My butt burped!" Then, the other night after eating a LOT of peppermint ice cream and chugging my diet coke, Gabe let loose with a loud burp and announced, "I burped peppermint."

Do your kids or your families kids do anything that either tickle the funny bone or make you shake your head at the cluelesness?


Meari said...

LOL! My niece's favorite saying used to be: "Why do I have to?" or "Oh, my bad"

WiseGuy said...

Ha Ha Ha....I used to say that post title a lot to my mother when I was growing up. You brought back the memories of the good ol' days!

NHStitcher said...

LOLOL, this post is funny. I can't add anything my kids did or do.

Beautiful Mess said...

"I forgot" is NOT allowed in my house. I got SO sick of hearing it! I tried to use it once when they were hungry and "I forgot" to make dinner. Weird, it didn't fly. The bathroom humor isn't only just for the boys. My 11 year old daughter thinks it's too funny! My husband is the worst at it, all I can do is shake my head. It is funny, only sometimes though!
Enjoy your day!