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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Evil Mom Rides Again...another King St Players Show

Previous week...*MBMS brings home his mid term grade and only has a 79.87 in math. MBMS is in high level math. MBMS is good at math. It was established that MBMS bombed two quizzes and forgot to turn in an assignment. EM tells him from now on she will have to check his homework and he will study before a test with her.

Flash forward one week...The story opens with *EM enjoying her morning with a large cup of coffee and the computer. *TDB is quietly watching Nick Jr.

Ring riiiiing...

EM: (picks up the phone) Hello
*MrsD: Hello Mrs. Cruz. Do you have a minute to talk to me?
EM: (thinking Oh shit, what did Marty do) Absolutely.
MrsD: I'm a little upset with Marty right now. We have a test today that they knew about since last week. Marty is just sitting there doodling on his paper. He isn't even trying to finish the test.
EM: Well, that just isn't acceptable.
MrsD: I will often let a student finish a test the next day if they have problems completing it in one period. I prefaced this test by telling them that I would do this but only if they are working the whole time. They can't just do two problems and expect to finish it the next day.
EM: (thinking I am going to rip that boy a new one) Of course not, you would be completely within your rights as a teacher to not allow him to finish tomorrow and he will have to deal with whatever grade he gets.
MrsD: (you can hear the relief in her voice that a parent supports her) Thank you.
EM: I would hate to see it ruin his grade but how you handle it is completely up to you.
MrsD: Me too. I can't talk to him about this while the whole class is taking a test.
EM: Of course I'll talk to him.
MrsD: I'll follow up through email or with a phone call. Here's Marty.

MBMS: sounding very dejected...making EM ROFL Hi mom
EM: What happened?
MBMS: I don't know.
EM: Was it something you were having trouble with?
MBMS: jumping at that excuse like it will help Yeah
EM: What did I tell you after you brought home your progress report?

He didn't do horribly on his mid term progress report but he bombed two quizzes and forgot to turn in one assignment and that dropped his grade big time.

MBMS: stalling because he KNOWS he screwed up Uh...
EM: I said you would have to let me check your math homework every night and that we WOULD study together before tests. Did you even bother to tell me you had a test?
EM: There is no excuse for not telling me and no excuse for not focusing and doing your test.
MBMS: sounding even more dejected I'm sorry.
EM: Sorry won't cut it.
MBMS: Am I getting punished?

Bwahahahahaha...like he's getting out of this scott free...no fricking way.

EM: Your punishment is to deal with the consequences.

Notice EM didn't point out that a bad test grade would result in a bad class grade and, because that grade would be because of lack of effort, he would be punished.

EM: You better hope she lets you finish that test tomorrow because, frankly, I wouldn't. Now go finish what you can and make sure you apologize to MrsD.


That afternoon...

EM: after picking up MBMS from school You had better hope MrsD is gracious enough to let you finish the test.
MBMS: I know
EM: A crappy grade on the test will drop your class grade and, because its a case of not doing what you should that earned you that grade, there will be consequences. If you don't get to finish the test, there will be no computer, no electronics of any sort in the afternoon after school.

You should have seen the look on his face...it was priceless.

MBMS: Oooook

Thank God he realized how much trouble he was in and didn't argue because that would have been ugly.

EM: And, whether or not you get to finish the test tomorrow, we will be studying together over Christmas break.

Now I'm just waiting to find out if he got to finish the test today in school. I really hope he learned a lesson.

*MBMS = much beleaguered middle schooler = Marty
*EM = evil mom = me
*TDB = the demon Briel = Gabe
*MrsD = math teacher


Chris said...

Eventually he will get the concept of cause and effect. Key word eventually.
Good luck.

Beautiful Mess said...

WOOOHOOO GO EVIL MOM!!!!! Although I, of course, don't think you're being evil at all. I think you are doing the right thing! We had to do this with my daughter, but it was in science. Her grade dropped to a C..bad bad kids ;o)
Keep up the great work, mom!

Cara said...

You are best evil mother I know!

I was taking notes for the future - the way future as Bear is Kindergarten nerd...The Comedian?? Can't be sure, but we might be looking at the class clown!!!

MrsSpock said...

I, too, am taking notes for the future...

His future employer thanks you for doing your job...