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Friday, December 26, 2008

We were victims of G.A.S. yesterday.

We had a lovely Christmas day yesterday. In the morning, we had only our immediate family...the boys, Vic, and me . The boys opened their gifts and were thoroughly occupied with presents. I looked around and was silently congratulating myself on getting through Christmas without acquiring a lot of space gobbling crap. The only present that anyone got which took up a bunch of floor space was Gabe's Little People collection (Thank you Christa!).

That lasted until about 2 pm. That's when my parents got here and that's when the G.A.S. attack struck. According to my dad, G.A.S. stands for Grandmother Acquisition Syndrome. This is when the grandma is struck by the uncontrollable and insatiable urge to buy, buy, buy for the grandkids. Evidently, when my mom was unable to find a Wii for us for Christmas, she fell victim to G.A.S. Its not that she just bought a lot of stuff. Its the size of some of the stuff she bought. For example, my mom bought Joey this immense remote control motorcycle. The box it came in is almost as tall as Gabe. I really think my mom would have spent less money if she had been able to get us a Wii.

I love my mom and I am thrilled that she loves the kids. I just wish she had a little restraint in this area. Oh well, this G.A.S. attack should give me the incentive to go through toys and donate a bunch to the local Women's shelter.


Kara said...

I think we did pretty good this year and stayed within the budget. I, did, fall victim to G.A.S. or rather A.A.S (because I am in Aunt) with my neice and newphew. Most of their toys were purchased from the dollar aisle at Target- but still.

I kinda over did it with them - only, everyone else I managed to stick to the list. It was hard though.

Have a restful weekend.

Meari said...

Glad you had a good Christmas, Kristin.. even if you did have a G.A.S. attack LOL

NHStitcher said...

That's what we Grandmas are for, LOLOL. I will have to tell that one to my kids.

lassie said...

My sisters and I finally avoided present overload for our children. Maybe its because it was my first Christmas with a child- everyone listened to me and restrained themselves while shopping. As a result, its been a relatively stress-free day of putting toys away. Phew.

p.s. I hunted down a wii for my nephews, I know your mom's pain.

~Jess said...

Oh my goodness...that would be my mother-in-law.

Glad you had a good Christmas. Thank you for your comment on my blog.


Kischa said...

I'm glad that you guys had a wonderful Christmas and I think that G.A.S. is great - just another blessing.

Thanks for the warm comment on my blog. I love it when I get hugs!

Clio said...

That was funny, G.A.S. :)
I know very well what you mean. My mom probably suffered with it while I enjoyed carts and carts of presents when I was little.
Happy holidays to you and your family.


Photogrl said...

G.A.S. So, so true and funny!

I'll have to remember that one.