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Friday, April 03, 2009

God help us, they are at it again!

The asshats in government are trying to regulate fertility again! Remember this... not too long ago the assclowns of the Georgia senate were trying to pass Georgia Senate Bill 169. Well, guess what, they passed a stripped down version of that bill. The only provisions removed were ones that would have prevented fertility treatments for gays and lesbian. While I'm thrilled that they fixed that set of problems, the other restrictions they left in scare me. Now, Tennesse is joining in the fun. I think the Tennessee Legislature is channeling the spirits of the assclowns in Georgia. Tennessee House Bill 2159 and the companion Senate Bill 2136 will restrict embryo donation to married couples. It is innocuously title Embryon Donation and Adoption Act 2009. However, the language within said bill specifies husband and wife. Some people may say so what. After all, it only affects simgle women. But, no, it potentially affects any gay or lesbian couples who seek to grow their families through embryo adoption. Some may say so what. After all, it isn't restricting gestational surrogates, or sperm and egg donation. Well, its a mighty small step from saying only married couples can adopt embryos to saying only married couples can access ART. And, if they start restricting who can access ART, who is to say they won't severely regulate how and when certain ART procedures can be done.

Remember what Pastor Neimoller said in World War II. "First, they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time, there was no one left to speak up for me." While admittedly, this is not a horror on the scale of genocide. This is a horror. We can not and should not let the government dictate how we should reproduce. If we don't stand up in cases like this, who will fight for the rest of us if they try to regulate us.

*Embryo Adoption is the term used in the bill...not my term of choice...
"Specifies that if an embryo is donated by its genetic parents or by its owners or by a clinic with the legal authority to relinquish its ownership to a woman and her husband, then a child born as the result of the implantation of that embryo is presumed to be the adopted child of such woman and husband. Requires that a written contract be executed transferring ownership of parental rights of the embryo prior to thawing and transfer of the embryo. States that any provision in such contract that requires visitation by the genetic parent or otherwise places any conditions on the embryo adoption is to be void and of no effect whatsoever. Clarifies that nothing under this part is to be construed to prohibit open embryo adoption. Permits the adopting parents to file an adoption petition seeking a final order of adoption, but clarifies that the final order of adoption is not required."


Beautiful Mess said...

GGGRRR nothing like these assclowns and fucktards to make my blood boil on a perfectly fine Friday morning. Why to they have to hand in EVERYONE'S pockets? I don't get it. Why do they have to put restrictions on EVERYTHING?!

Dora said...

Thanks again, Octomom. One woman's and one doctor's stupidity, and we have this crap.

Great post. Although I wish you wouldn't use the term "embryo adoption." Right now, there is no such thing legally as "embryo adoption." Under US law it is considered tissue donation, same as egg or sperm donation. Egg and sperm donation are NEVER considered adoption. There are "embryo adoption agencies" which do the same kind of background checks, etc. as with adoption, but there is no law that covers that. Those organizations are mostly right wing, religious based groups with a political agenda. You can bet they exclude single women and same sex couples.

So, maybe I'm overly sensitive, but I think calling it "embryo adoption" gives the opposition more ammunition. IMO, the term "adoption" should only apply to a live child, not a bunch of cells that has the potential to become a child.

Kristin said...

I agree with you 100% Dora...I've amended the post to show that the terminology is that which is used by the Tennessee legislature.

awa.ke in the worl.d said...

Awa.ke in the wo.rld has a new blog at http://becomingwhole.wordpress.com/. Explanations and updates will be forthcoming.

Kymberli said...

The fact that the GA legislation played shadow games with excluding gays and lesbians from creating and using embryos was one of the major problems that I had with it, and the fact that the "revised" legislation did nothing to correct that still infuriates me. This is just the start of the wildfire spreading. :(

HatCreekGal said...

Embryo adoption was established because people give birth to babies not to tissue. Also, your readers should understand the facts. Embryo donation and adoption is currently governed by contract law, and embryos are not treated the same as human tissue donation. Embryo adoption agencies facilitate adoptions for couples, heterosexual, gay, lesbian and singles as well as surrogacy [which of course gay men would have to use since they don't have a uterus]. I think that is pretty inclusive.

Don't you think there is some value in ensuring that the parents who give birth to your children (who started as embryos, just like you did) should undergo the same scrutiny as any other adoptive couple? I do.

Dora said...

HatCreekGal, I believe you are incorrect. Yes, contracts are written for embryo DONATION, but there is no contract law that really covers it. My understanding is that any contracts merely show the intent of both parties, but are are not truly covered by any existing law. Embryo donation is regulated in the US by the FDA under their tissue donation guidelines.

"Embryo adoption agencies facilitate adoptions for couples, heterosexual, gay, lesbian and singles as well as surrogacy"

REALLY??? Can you name any?

"Don't you think there is some value in ensuring that the parents who give birth to your children (who started as embryos, just like you did) should undergo the same scrutiny as any other adoptive couple? I do."

No. What this does is make donor embryos as cost prohibitive as donor egg or adoption. Which is simply out of reach of many people who would be fine parents. I am recipient of a directed embryo donation. My donor had many questions for me. We talked quite a bit before she decided to donate her embryos to me. We did not need an agency collecting fees, a home study or any of that.

With your way of thinking, you deny parenthood to many capable people. Of course it's your right to donate any way you choose. But, IMO, embryo adoption agencies are out to make money off of people's heartache and have a political agenda.

"give birth to your children"

?!?!?!?!?! If this is how you feel, you should absolutely NOT donate your embryos. People who have children with donor gametes DO NOT HAVE OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN!

Dora said...

HatCreekGal, just wondering, do you think people who use egg donors or sperm donors should "should undergo the same scrutiny as any other adoptive couple"? Or is it only embryo donation you feel this way about?

Sorry, Kristin, but this is very personal for me.

Kristin said...

Go Dora Go. I was trying to compose an answer but yours is so much better than anything I had come up with.