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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things I've learned...

It is possible to be extremely grateful and extremely resentful of the same thing. What could I possibly be talking about? Well, I'm talking about Vic's job. Vic runs a 911 center. They are currently short one employee which doesn't sound like a lot but, when its a small department and you cover 24/7, it is. He also has one employee out on short term medical leave. Add in the fact that they are under orders to cut all overtime except what is absolutely necessary due to the economy and Vic's schedule SUCKS. Until they get another employee hired (please God let this one work out), Vic will be working 2 pm until 2 am Monday through Thursday. This will probably last at least a couple of months. Sucks, Sucks, Sucks. But, thank God Vic has a secure job.

I could be perfectly content if I never, ever had to do housework again in my life (pffft...like that will ever happen). I have so many things I would like to occupy myself with and I keep having to interrupt them for mundane activities like laundry and meals and stuff. Does anyone understand why kids think they need clothes to wear and food to eat on a semi- regular basis?

Staying up until 2 am when you have to get kids up for school at 6am is a really fucking stupid idea. Why was I up at 2 am? Well, refer to the first paragraph that talks about Vic's work schedule. I find it extremely difficult to make myself go to bed on time when Vic isn't home. So, last night I was watching Hell's Kitchen online and working on my latest crochet project. Guess I better figure out how to get myself to bed on time if Vic's schedule is going to be screwed up for a while.

I have had it confirmed that I can not do anything with restraint. I was starting seeds for a vegetable garden and here is what I planted...chives, beefsteak tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, green bell peppers, corn, zucchini, grand rapids lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, yellow squash, butternut squash, peas, stringless green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, and some random squash seeds I had saved from earlier this year. If even half of it grows, we will be buried with vegetables. Thank God Vic knows someone we can borrow a tiller from. I wouldn't want to have to dig a garden that big with a shovel.

Just because you got to the Sears parts website and enter the make and model of the mower you have and order the replacement piece that way does NOT mean the fucking part will fit. The stupid damned cord is about 6 frakking inches too long which means my damned lawn mower still doesn't work.

Have you learned anything interesting lately?


Dora said...

Did you not get the email I sent this morning?

Mmmmm, that garden sounds delish!

Yes, you should try to go to bed earlier! Even if you wake up for a while when he gets home, you'll still get more rest. BTW, my parents used to joke, "Dinner? We gave you dinner yesterday!"

Kristin said...

Nope, the email is nowhere to be found.

Martha said...

I'm a student of these lessons of life too. Clicked over from Soralis' blog, just wanted to say hello.
So sorry for your hubby's crazy schedule. The garden sounds yummy. I have no restraint this year with wildflowers, planted enough for an acre, not my miniscule yard!

nancy said...

jeeez. I'm with ya on the staying awake too late thing. Except I also get woken up twice by babyboy.

things I have learned? if I simply sit still long enough, I'll be offered another surgery.

Stacie said...

I hear you on the 2 am business, too, although at least you have a decent reason. Me? Not so much. I just like the quiet night. Ahh...

Amen to the lack of desire to do housework. I just had a mental rally of whether to do housework or get on the computer. You can guess which won.

Sorry your hubby has such a crappy schedule. Hugs for him and you.

I so don't have a green thumb. My thumb is more like the kiss of death. I can't seem to keep anything green alive. Your gardening skills impress me with the throwing around of words like seeds and tiller. :-)

I have learned that naptime is wonderful.
I have learned that I need to focus on the positives around me, and there are sooo many!
I have learned that a new hair cut and curls do not mix with a windy day. Let's just say the end result was not so pretty.
I am sure I've learned more than that, but I don't want to hog up your comment section.

Dora said...

So ... did the email finally get through?

Dora said...

Where are the emails going? (Cue Twilight Zone music.) I'm just hitting "reply." I've tried 4 times to email you today. They're not bouncing back either.

chicklet said...

The Sears stuff is so classic - I hate that shit.

As for what I've learned? Hmmmm, not a hell of a lot:-)

Tanyetta said...

Yeah, this totally sucks big time. It's like you know you should be in bed getting rest but, it's hard to fall asleep without your husband next to you. Fugggggg!!

WHOA! and you know not to get me started--

I am with you on appreciating and resenting all at the same time! 8+ month deployments having to give birth without your husband being there but, thank GOD he has a secure job and he's off protecting all of our freedoms!

Oh and yeah....OOOPS! sorry I am venting up in your comment section! My bad :)

Tanyetta said...

p.s. I'm always learning when I come here!

Soralis said...

Wow hubbys work schedule SUCKS! Glad to hear that he has a stable job though!

Loving the she-ra post! I can't believe you climbed in there, you are my hero! :)

Get some sleep girl!

Take care

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Sorry about DH's new schedule. Makes me more grateful for mine...he just found out he'll be getting home later as well, but 7:30-8 p.m. is nothing compared to 2 a.m.!

Your garden sounds amazing! Wish we were neighbors...wow! :)

Meari said...

Are you sure the cord is too long? Maybe the pulley isn't pulling it in far enough? Or, if it *is* too long -- just cut it to size, rethread it through the handle and knot it.

Meari said...

Hi - me again, LOL!

I was talking to my Dad about your mower cord problem. He's worked on mowers since I was a kid. He said the cord from the manufacturer will more likely than not be longer than you need. Once you have it on the pulley and put back on the mower, determine how much you need to cut off. Then pull it out and clamp it with vice grips at the mower. Then cut the rope and re-attach it to the handle (like I mentioned before). He said to use vice grips because if the cord is let loose and spins back into the mower without being attached to the handle, it's an SOB to get unwound. LOL Anyway, just thought I'd share what he suggested. Good luck!