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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Totally Useless Stitchalong...

My friend Carolyn told me about a fun stitchalong that requires absolutely no extra effort. The lovely Leigh over at Dragon My Needle is sponsoring the Totally Useless Stitchalong. All you have to do to participate is follow that link to sign up and collect all your orts (stitcher's use this term to refer to scraps or bits of floss/fibers/yarn that are trimmed off to keep the project neat) in a clear glass container for the rest of the year and post pictures once a month. For you non-stitchers, I'm sure you are thinking, "Why the hell would you do something like that?" Well, its a really fun way to keep track of all the fibers and fabrics you use over the year and you can end up with a really pretty decorative piece (yes, I'm serious). For example, I've seen clear glass Christmas ornamnets filled with bright colored floss, yarn, and other fibers. They were truly stunning. If you are a stitcher of any type (cross stitching, needlepoint, crocheter, knitter, quilter, etc), you should join in.