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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It appears the tendency to injure ankles is a family trait

My mom was walking in the woods near her house and she slipped going down an embankment. This happened late afternoon on Monday. Her ankle buckled and twisted underneath her. I talked to her yesterday and she had finally gone to the doctor. Her ankle was swollen and quite sore. It was bad enough that she realized she wouldn't be able to stand on it all day Tuesday to teach. That's probably the only reason she agreed to go to the doctor (for any of you who have wondered where my stubborn streak comes from, this is it). Luckily, my dad is a registered substitute teacher so he was able to go in and cover all her classes yesterday while she was at the doctor. When she called me Tuesday, they still hadn't completely ruled out a break. I guess they were waiting for the xrays to be read or something. She said if they decided it was broken, she would get a red cast to match Marty's.

We are all suppose to be going to the county fair down near my mom's house this weekend. I hope she pays attention to her ankle and doesn't push past its endurance limit.


Margaret said...

Oh dear. I hope that she heals quickly. I just love the concept of your dad subbing for your mom.

Chris said...

Sympathy for M is one thing. Think your Mom took it a little far.
All kidding aside, hope she heals quickly.

Ken's choice said...

Hi Kristin, I've missed you.
Poor Mom, I hope she'll be better soon.and that the weekend can go ahead.