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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Random Thoughts (including a King Street Players mini episode)

Infertility related question...if you were on progesterone, was it suppositories, oral, or progesterone in oil injections? The OB's office I went to while pregnant with Gabe prescribed suppositories. My current OB's office prescribes the oral form. Do you happen to know if one is considered more effective than the other?

Marty got his cast off yesterday. Woohooo! I am so glad he has that off. He would have been impossible if they had decided to leave it on. Vic said Marty was such a boy at his appointment yesterday. Casts get nasty and funky inside no matter how careful you are to keep them clean and dry. After they cut Marty's cast off, he grabbed it and stuck his nose in it and smelled. Vic looked at Marty and said, "Dude, you have a good looking female doctor taking care of you and you're acting like that?" Marty just laughed.

Speaking of boy behavior...Since Marty hadn't been able to clean his foot with the cast on, he got in the bath with Gabe last night so he could soak. Gabe was playing with a little squirt toy and managed to touch his private area with it. Marty said, "Eeew, now you're going to have to sterilize it." I asked him why it was any different than them sharing the water that touched EVERY part of their bodies. He said, "We're boys so it doesn't matter. But, you are a girl and you are touching it. Hahahahahaha." Marty has had the talk and fully understands the idea of reproduction. He's said before, "I like babies. I just don't like thinking about how they get here." I looked at him and just said, "How do you think you got here?" OMG...you should have seen the look on his face. He shriek, "Eeeeewwwwww...MOM! GROSS. The image you put in my head...EEEEWWWWWW!"

King Street Players Mini Episode (featuring the return of Evil Mom)
I recently decided that since we had enough freezer space, I was not going to buy canned veggies anymore. I would either buy fresh or frozen. So, the other week, I made dinner. We had burger patties with rice and gravy and green beans. The green beans were delicious. Here's how this whole transition went down with Joey...
J: "They look weird."
EM: "Thats how green beans are suppose to look. They are frozen..."
J: "Eeewwww...I HATE frozen."
EM: "Joey, I cooked them."
J (sounding disgruntled): "Oh...ok."
EM: "Just eat please."
Joey takes a tiny nibble of a single green bean.
J: "GROSS...when I bit into it, it crunched and was too juicy."
EM: "Thats how green beans are suppose to taste. Just eat 10 of them."
J (whining): "But I haaaaate them."
EM: "You will eat a *'No Thank You' portion. That is enough so you get some vitamins and nutrients but not so much that its torture. You will eat 10."
Much whining and complaining commence. It degenrates into crying along with whining due to Joey's extremely tired state.
EM: "If you keep whining, you will eat 15 instead of 10. If you don't eat it now, that will be your bed time snack. If you don't eat it at bed time, you will have it for breakfast. What are you going to do?"
J (sulkily): I guess I'll eat it now."
EM: "Oh, by the way, since you can't control yourself and are whining and fussing, you will go to bed early."

Once I got past the frustration of the situation, I found it all extremely funny. Hmmm, I think we'll have green beans for dinner tonight.


mom2manyblessings said...

I've taken both the suppositories and the oral form of progesterone although it's been awhile since I've done the suppositories. If I'm remembering correctly, I believe I was told by my dr when he switched over to the oral form was that the suppositories get absorbed faster, they are both just as effective...and the oral form is less messy. ;)

Cara said...

Re: King Street Players current show...

YEAH - go evil mom! She is so my fav character!

Dora said...

I haven't gotten that far (damn cancelled cycles!), but I did A LOT of research about this when I was choosing a clinic. Particularly as a single, I was worried about trying to do PIO injections myself. The research I read showed that PIO and vaginal progesterone work equally as well, but oral, no so well. One interesting thing I read is that CCRM in Denver, which has the highest stats in the country, give their patients a choice of either PIO or suppositories and tells then they work the same. Apparently oral P just doesn't get down to the uterus that well.

BTW, your boys are a hoot. Just for laughs, how about a side of green beans with their pancakes?