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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Gabe, Gabriel, Gabeycakes, BRIEL
I don't know if I ever told you about what Gabe calls himself. Gabe refers to himself as Briel. He is perfectly capable of saying Gabe or Gabriel. He just chooses not too. He does know that Gabe and Gabriel are both versions of his name. He responds to both of them. However, when he is talking about himself he always calls himself Briel. Gabe came up with this nickname completely on his own. Hehehehe, given that Gabe is our wild child and is always into something, Vic has deemed this Gabe's demon name (say it in the typical cinematic demonic voice and it sounds like a demon name). The biggest benefit to this nickname is that no other child will have the same nickname...LOL.

Our next baby (hopefully)
No, I'm not pregnant yet. This is just a funny story tied to this future conception and Gabe's demon name. Vic and I have a running joke and we refer to our three boys as 3 of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Given that we joke about this and we refer to Briel as Gabe's demon name, I told Vic that we would be able to know the sex of a future child from the moment of conception. He, of course, looked at me as if I were demented. I said that if we conceive a girl, all will remain as it should be. If we conceive a boy, a hell mouth will start forming on our front lawn.

I have gotten off easy this year. Joey originally wanted me to alter a dinosaur costume into a Godzilla costume. Yesterday, he decided to go as a cub scout instead. That's really easy since he is one and has a full uniform. Marty says he is going to be a vampire but he isn't sure he wants to wear any of the makeup. Gabe will probably go as Diego...if he doesn't agree to that (and he might not), I'll stick a pair of horns on his head and a tail on his butt and tell everyone he is the demon Briel.


Cara said...

Ahh- another lucky Halloween mother this year. Of course, my mind interfered and made the whole thing a deep topic worth of blogging, but eh- can't shake all my traits from upbringing!

I love the name! I'm pretty sure Bear is stuck with her's for life. Sounds like Briel is too.

The Maven said...

A hell mouth. Hah! Love it!

(this is why we never tried for that fourth.)

Anonymous said...

You crack my up. I am laughing so hard. Each of your children have their own personalities. I love the Halloween costume you have if need be picked out for Gabe. Demon
Briel! Oh my goodness! I wished I lived near you guys because I would have so much fun.

Meari said...

It's funny how kids refer to themselves. My exBF's son's name is Ian, and he refers to himself as "Eenie". LOL