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Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes he can!

This has been an interesting election for me. I don't completely agree with either candidate but I think Obama has more of what this country needs. While McCain has dedicated his life to this country, first through his military service and then through his career as a senator, I think that very dedication has caused one of his biggest flaws. McCain is thoroughly entrenched in the politics of Washington. Some say that is the experience you need to be president. I say its his downfall. McCain has spent years playing peacemaker between the two sides instead of taking a firm stance on things and proving he will fight for what he believes in. McCain's years in Washington have caused him to "owe" too many people. I also am deeply disturbed by McCain's stance on women's rights (especially reproductive rights).

A president should lead. A president should inspire. I get that feeling from Obama. He has a charisma that few politicians ever have. Two other politicians had the same kind of pull on the hearts and minds of America...Kennedy and Reagan. "Wait a minute," you say. "How can one man be compared to to such different politicians." Both Kennedy and Reagan were extremely charismatic. Both of them inspired such strong support that people crossed political lines to vote for them. Both of them caused people to believe in America again. In these uncertain times, I think we need someone who inspires that kind of belief in our country. We need someone who causes us to be proud to be an American. I believe Barack Obama can do that for our country. That is one of the biggest reasons I will be voting for Obama this November. I do not agree with him on many political points (his stance on taxes and gun control for instance) but I do agree with him on other very important issues (womens rights).

People need to remember that no matter how much a presidential candidate promises, he can do NOTHING without the congress behind him. If Obama ends up with a mostly Republican congress, few of his promised policies will go through. If McCain ended up with a Democratic congress, the same would be true. So, in my mind, the most important thing to look at when chosing a president is looking at the type of person they are. Obama is honest. He admits to all the flaws and foibles of his youth. Obama is loyal...look at his relationship with Michelle. Obama is inspirational. He has people who never cared about politics passionately involved in this election. Obama makes people believe that, as Americans, we can do anything. Our country needs to believe right now.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, here is an interesting link for you to read. It is 10 pages long. I couldn't read further than page 7. It was just too disgusting.
People keep talking about how much McCain served and is serving America. This article will show you, sometimes in McCain's own words, as taken from his book, that he has and still is serving no one but himself.
Read for yourself, don't just listen to what other people puke out on tv.