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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

Do you follow recipes when you cook or do you have the freedom in the kitchen to just create? I started experimenting in the kitchen very early on. I remember baking chocolate chip cookies (with only a little assistance from my mom because of my age) in 2nd or 3rd grade and deciding we needed to create our own recipe. I followed the general recipe but added a little of this and took away a little of that. While they weren't the best cookies ever created, they did turn out pretty good. This success has grown into a willingness to experiment and try many new things.

I make awesome soup...pork and bean, turkey soup, chicken noodle, beef stew/soup....but I rarely follow a recipe. I guess I must do a pretty good job with other things too because Marty said, "I can't believe you don't follow recipes mom. This is GOOD."

Even though I like creating, I also love getting a hold of a tried and true recipe to add to my repertoire. I'm teaching Marty to cook and we need good recipes to start out with. I think I want to make some vegetable beef soup soon. Anyone have a good recipe for this (or anything else) that you would like to share?


Beautiful Mess said...

I'm not the best at cooking. I can make a few things really well and most things edible. I follow the recipe to the T, otherwise we have an incident where it tastes horrible and nobody eats it. That sucks. I'm going to have to come over for some cooking lessons ;o)

MrsSpock said...

I generally follow a recipe until I have an understanding of the dish- and then I might fell comfortable experimenting.

The Maven said...

I've never experimented more in the kitchen than I have in the last two months. Becoming a vegetarian meant I had to really step outside the box with recipes. Scary and fun at the same time! I've come up with some amazing food. Before I used to basically ask 'What's my meat, what are my two sides?' Boooring. I was definitely stuck in a rut.

As for recipes with little kids, some of the ones in Deceptively Delicious are favourites around here: http://www.deceptivelydelicious.com/site/

Have fun cooking! :)

cjsayers77 said...

I don't have any recipes to share because I read one, learn it and then just make it the easiest way I remember! lol... I too love to just create, but I need a basic to start with as well.

Good luck!


Barb said...

If I do follow recipes, I don't try to follow them to the letter.. I follow them along with an instinct of what will lbe best for my meal. :)I do much better that way.

SAHW said...

I actually am on both ends of the pendulum...for the familiar dishes, it's all purely "wing it", but whenever I am making something I'm not as familiar with, even if it's not the first time, I'm careful with the recipe. I always follow recipes to bake too, scared to throw things off by winging it.
I don't have a good vegetable beef soup recipe, but this is one of my favorite soups, and I'm planning to make it tomorrow :):

NHStitcher said...

I will follow a recipe to a certain extent then add my own stuff.
That being said, now that I have to eat different due to diabetes, I follow the recommended recipe the first time then add or subtract on how it comes out.

Katrina said...

I know this sounds awful and Chris would stroke out upon hearing this, so just go with the gist...

I use Veg-All, corn, peas, dark kidney beans, all cans, and dump in a slow cooker or heck, a pot on the stove. (I leave the water from the veggies, but rinse the beans.) I also large dice some potatoes and toss them in. I season with salt, pepper and chili powder, as hot or mild as you prefer, until it tastes "right." Serve it with some shredded cheddar and a dollop of sour cream...heaven! It's like veggie chili soup stuff. ;o)