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Friday, October 10, 2008

This sweet, innocent face...

almost lost his happy home last night. I love my animals. They are part of the family. But, I was truly ready to kill that cat. What did such a cute little guy do to earn my ire? Well, he decided to dig in my orchid plant. He dug down so far that he exposed the roots. He broke off the old stalks which I hadn't trimmed back because they still have pretty green leaves on them. Then, he decided to use the dirt he excavated as a litter box. And, before you ask or suggest it, his litter box was clean.

Once I caught Max, I beat his little ass. No, I didn't do permanent damage. I didn't even do temporary damage despite being strongly tempted to. I did however put his nose in the pot and wail his butt. He hasn't gone near the pot today. I am hopeful that he learned his lesson.

Oh yeah, I repotted the orchid and I think I've saved it. Max had better hope I saved it.


Anonymous said...

bad,bad cat he has a lot of cat nerve yet he has such a cute face. Why do they tempt us so? I hope your plant makes it.

NHStitcher said...

Bad, bad kitty! I hope he learned his lesson! He is a cutie!