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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hate my Junk Email filter! *updated*

Well, not really and not all the time, but, I do hate it right now! I went to empty my junk mail folder and I found an email that said I had won a salsa giveaway. I really, really wanted this salsa. The incomparable Steph makes Chupacabra Salsa and, even if I didn't love salsa, the cool name would make me want it. This chick really has her shit together. She's a wife, mom, blogger, mortuary student (hence, her blog name), entrepreneur, and a triathlete. She also makes her salsa to your spiciness specification.

Oh well, even if it's too late for the giveaway, I got a kick out of winning.



Samantha said...

Sorry you missed your salsa!

Just came over from the virtual lushery. I'm also sorry to hear the news that the hospital fucked up. What a blow.

NHStitcher said...

That Salsa sounds good! Glad you weren't too late!
Let us know how it is!

chicklet said...

The salsa sounds sooooo good. I'm totally jealous you won.

Anonymous said...

Can you send me your email so I can plan a (hopefully) secret virtual shower for Antigone? I am at yummysushipajamas@gmail.com