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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Picture time, picture time

The Punk Rock Mom is hosting a weekly photo challenge during each of the next 5 weeks. The weekly theme will correspond with the weekly assignments she receives in the photography class she is taking. This week, we had multiple options to pick from...
  1. A Statue From the ground up
  2. A Reflection From above
  3. A Circle, Triangle, Square shapes from the ground up
  4. A Tree Branch from the ground up
  5. A Shadow From above
  6. A Person From Close up, far away, from left, from right and in their environment
  7. A street scene, all angles
  8. Surprise Me! From Your Unique Point of View
and,we could take pics in any or all of these categories. Since I take an absolutely RIDICULOUS number of digital pics, I jumped at this chance to show off my madd photo skillz. I have included a full length picture of the statue just so you can get an idea what you are looking at. All pics except the very first one are clickable and you know you want to see the bigger image.

1. statue from the ground up

2. reflection from above

2a. reflection from above
(although I guess it qualifies for shadow from above too)

5. shadow from above

5a. shadow from above

8. my own perspective

Head on over and check out all the other awesome entries.


Kakunaa said...

Love it!!! My fave is the swirly shadow pic.

Kristin said...

Believe it or not, that is a jungle gym and, if you look closely, you can see a child climbing on it.

thepunkrockmom said...

Thanks so much for entering! I love all the pictures!
I think the swirly shadow, statue from below, and jumping shadow/ reflection are my favorites!

Good luck!

Krissi said...

LOVE 5a! That one is so cool! These are all great! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Happy ICLW!

Vicki said...

Cool pics! I also really like the shadow in the sand one. The last one is neat too although I can't figure out how you took it...it's a reflection from something or into something, right? But I can't figure out what.

..Soo.See.. said...

Love these!! And I'm so going over to check out the challenge.. But my favorite is the reflection/shadow combo. That was a great one!