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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did I tell you my hubby was in an accident?

I don't think I did. A week ago Monday (the 2nd), Vic was on his way home from work and was sitting at a stop light. The left turn lane started to move and the idjit behind him caught sight of the moving cars and, without looking up from his cell phone, he stepped on the gas. He then looked up and realized his lane still had a read light. His full sized pick up truck slammed into the back of my hubby's Ford Taurus. The force actually lifted the rear end of the car up. His hitch punched a hole in the bumper, totally bowed the trunk, and broke the weld on the steel plate that is the rear part of the frame. Thank God they were at a stop light because the speed wasn't high enough to hurt Vic even though his car has been officially totaled.

Once again, my family has stepped up and saved us a shitload of money. My parents have a van that they bought a number of years ago when they were helping transport a handicapped friend. When they were done using it, it went to my middle sis and her husband. Now, it is coming to Vic and me. The van needs some repairs but we should be able to complete them for less than 1/4 of the insurance money. This completely ROCKS because we will have money left to save for Christmas and other things rather than having to use it all as a down payment and end up with monthly car payments.

So...now Vic will have to change his theme song from "Up on Cripple Creek" to John Boy and Billy's "Married Man" (sung to the Spiderman music)...

lyrics transcribed from the Married Man On Mother's Day video

Married man, married man
drives around in a minivan
got a wife and some kids
his whole life's on the skids
hey there, there goes the married man

How's he feel, listen dude
this poor guy's really screwed
hanging on by a thread,
quart of milk, loaf of bread
hey there, there goes the married man

Got a big gas grill
buys his clothes at the Gap
and he's just about
had enough of this crap

Married man, married man
friendly neighborhood married man
life for him has no zing
wife won't let him do a thing
She says it's about time he grew up
wherever there's a screw up,
you'll find the married man

One thing we did learn from this escapade is keep track of your car title. Evidently, we lost our copy of Vic's car title when we moved and, in NC, it takes 15 frakking days to get a copy of a car title. So, we are having to get the insurance company to take the car rental costs for the next two weeks out of our settlement...ugh.

Oh well, at least my hubby is safe and sound.


Another Dreamer said...

Scary- sorry about the car. So glad he was alright though!

Emma said...

So glad that Vic is ok, even if the car isn't. I have met more than one idiot on the road in the exact same way.

Kakunaa said...

How did you leave this out??? I'm glad he's okay and that you have a van to use! If our car dies, I may have to just curl up and die with it. Hubby makes his living from that car! Anyway, I'm glad all is well!

Quiet Dreams said...

So glad Vic is ok! Hugs to all of you!

Vicki said...

Sorry to hear that Vic was in an accident but I'm glad he's okay. It's always a pain to replace a vehicle but it sounds like your family has made it a ton easier for you guys. That's awesome!

Sheliza said...

Girl, I am so glad Vic is okay and that things end up working out. *side note* Dwayne was in a minor accident a couple weeks ago. The other driver was at fault and won't you know she had NO insurance. *sighs* good thing he works in a law firm :)

JJ said...

Yikes! Glad hes ok and that your family was able to lend the van!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

So glad that Vic is okay... what a crummy thing to have to deal with!

battynurse said...

Yikes. Glad Vic is ok and that the car thing has worked out well.