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Thursday, August 19, 2010

EdenFantasys Review: Pearl Lotus by Cal Exotics NSFW

I'm a lucky, lucky girl because I get to review another goody for the wonderful folks at Eden Fantasys. Yes, I have another chance to try out a brand new adult toy and all I had to do in return was review it and give my honest opinion to you my loyal readers. The only compensation I received for this review with the gift of the toy I'm reviewing.

This time around, I decided to try out the Pearl Lotus by Cal Exotics. Since the Pearl Lotus comes from the same company, I figured I might be lucky enough to like the Pearl Lotus as much as I love my beloved stand-by B.O.B., the Pearl Panther. Let me tell you my faithful readers, I was lucky enough. The Pearl Lotus now ties with the Pearl Panther for top spot in my affections.

The Good: 1)The rotating head easily and thoroughly stimulates your G-spot leading to mind blowing orgasms. 2)There are separate controls for the rotation and the clitoral vibration. This allows up to 72 variations allowing you to thoroughly personalize your experience. 3)There is a shut off button which allows quick turn off if your fun time is close to getting interrupted (think little feet padding down the hall). 4)The TPR surface is very comfortable and easy to clean. 5)It's WATERPROOF!

The Bad: Truly, my only complaint is that this awesome B.O.B. uses 4 AAA batteries. I almost always have extra AAs around and almost never have extra AAAs around. Hmmm, guess I need to buy some extra. It's nice to have the only complaint be so easily solved.

Personal Observations: The Pearl Lotus is another awesome vibe put out by Cal Exotics. However, despite it's many pluses, I don't think it's a vibe for people new to sex toys simply because it has a large girth. It's circumference is a full 1 3/4" bigger than the circumference of my other fave, the Pearl Panther. It offers enough insertion length that most women should have no trouble reaching their G-spot and we all know that makes the orgasms more mind blowing and toe curling. The external length is wonderful too. It gives either you or your partner an easy handhold to control the vibe with. The external length also makes this a great vibe for women who carry a bit of extra fluff on their bodies or who happen to be pregnant (and don't pretend that pregnant women don't have sexual needs or wants). The noise level from the vibe is pretty quiet and it's even quieter when you use it underwater (fun, fun). Seriously, you'll need to worry more about the noise you make than the noise from the vibe. I love almost everything about the Pearl Lotus and gladly rate it a 5 out of 5.

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by California Exotic
Material: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

The people at Eden Fantasys are fantastic and they have a mind-boggling array of sex toys available. Anyone can find the toy to meet their needs if they just look.