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Friday, August 20, 2010

BlogHer10 Photo Post - Last Day In New York

Even though BlogHer10 had officially ended on Saturday the 7th, I had one more day. On Sunday morning, we had one last *A.L.I. get together. There were so many wonderful women there. I hesitate to try and name them all because I don't want to leave someone out and upset them. Here are a few of the pics from that get together...

the lovely Dora and her daughter Sunshine
sporting her Baby Blogger t

the fabulous Calliope and her son W
sporting his Baby of the Internets t

Mel's back, Tessa's (I think) back,
and the amazing Lori

Reed with his mom Lori

Dora's Sunshine with Aunt Becky and her mommy Dora

me, Aunt Becky, and Dora with Sunshine

Dora's Sunshine with The Daver
After our A.L.I. get together wrapped up, Dora, Sunshine, and I took off for a little bit of sight seeing. We ate at a nice little hamburger place (loved the onion rings) that I can't remember the name of (what's it called Dora?). and then headed over to wander through FAO Schwartz. When Miss Sunshine started getting tired, Dora headed home for the evening and I hung out until it was time for me to catch a cab to the bus station. Here's teh rest of the day...

one of my favorite New York building pics

the doorman at FAO Schwartz

Dora wearing a Harry Potter wizard's hat at FAO Schwartz
sadly, I didn't notice until now that the straw
appears to be going up her nose

me wearing the Sorting Hat...
which house do you think it put me in?

sailors in New York

on the way to the bus

saying good bye to the city

*Adoption, Loss, and Infertility


Vicki said...

Fun pics! I'm so glad you were able to have the BlogHer experience. What wonderful memories you made there.

Sheliza said...

Well now I feel like I went and just had to say goodbye! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos and stories :)

Lavender Luz said...

Oh, I love reliving that day with you through your photos.

But I'm mad I missed Aunt Becky!

Cute sailors!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Thanks so much for posting all your pics and about your experiences at Blogher! It looks like a great time, I just wish I could have been there...

Lynn said...

Love these photos! The ALI meetup looked awesome. And you, Dora and Sunshine looked like you had so much fun in FAO Schwartz! I'm jealous of you guys getting to try on the Sorting Hat :D

MrsSpock said...

It's awesome getting to put some faces to names I've known for years!

Dora said...

Great pics! It was such a wonderful day. Such incredible warm and loving energy. How awesome to feel so comfortable handing my daughter to a blogger and going off with another blogger to the hotel's Starbux. And when I returned, she was in the caring arms of a different blogger.

Oh, the burger place was Pop Burger.

WiseGuy said...

Well Sunshine was the 'it' girl, I guess! I loved her T, and of Calliope's son as well.

I really think our children's lives are so 'attached' to the internet through us.

Wonderful pics.

And why are sailor pics always so romatic?