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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quick Diabetes update

Vic's morning readings are still more than double what they should be but, for the past two days, his afternoon and evening readings have all been below 150. He is taking a ridiculously high insulin dosage but at least things are creeping back towards the normal range!

I have been reminding myself that despite coming in on the losing end of the medical odds way to many times that we have ultimately won our battles (one way or another). Maybe, just maybe, we are going to do that again.

**had to add that I wrote this before he got home from work and found out that a really bad night of sleep sends his blood sugar all out of whack. Yesterday it was all over the place.


wiccanstitcher said...

Kristin you and Vic are in my constant thoughts as you battle this newest medical problem. Like you said though you always come out on top in the end and I know that is going to happen this time.

princessoftides said...

Glad to hear things are at least sometimes going in the right direction. Sending you positive thoughts!

Soralis said...

Hope that you guys can get this under control. Hugs

NHStitcher said...

I totally share your grief and misery over this.
I did find that on days I don't get any exercise at all, my levels are sky high too and the longer I go without exercising, the higher it goes. The metaformin pills don't take it down much either.
Lots of hugs and positive thoughts for Vic.