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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mine, Mine, All Mine

We got our tax return in last Friday so I've been having a bit of fun shopping yesterday and today.

I ordered a replacement for my poor dead camera...

It's not brand new but its new too me and it will be fabulous. The auction includes "an Olympus FE-340 8MP digital camera. Camera is in excellent physical condition and works perfect. Also included are USB cable, AV cable, box, paperwork, battery charger, and 2 batteries." I guess maybe I should thank Gabe for breaking my old camera since I got this fabulous upgrade for only $75.

I also ordered 4 new bras (one of the black, one of the chocolate, and two cream). Woohoooooo. While this may not seem exciting to many of you. It thrills me to no end. I can finally order bras in my gigantor size and not have to have them custom made. I can also get ones that are somewhat attractive. Paying $147 for 4 bras is far more palatable than paying $320 for 4 plain jane custom made over the shoulder boulder holders.

I also indulged my stitchy addiction. I backordered two copies of Just Cross Stitch magazine.
And, I gave in and bought a subscription to JCS for this year because it FINALLY includes the ornament issue!

It has been so long since I've bought myself much of anything. Its a very pleasant change of pace.


Bluebird said...

Awww - fun! Good for you for your little shopping spree :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Good for you! YAY for buying something for yourself!

Sheliza said...

how awesome for you! Bras are on the top of my list when I get my couple of dollars back from taxes. I promised myself to be better to ME this year since I struggle badly with it. Maybe I can convince Dwayne to get me one of those mini laptops! Okay, maybe I'm pushing it!

Meari said...

Nice shopping spree! I wasn't as fun with my refund. I paid bills and put the rest in my savings. Take that back... I bought one cross stitch kit. Like I need another one! lol

Tanyetta said...

soooooooooo much fun buying things for yourself!