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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When was your first time?

When was your first time? My first time was during the fall semester of my freshman year in college. I had just started at Duke on an Army ROTC scholarship. A few of the guys in my platoon just happened to be members of the DKE fraternity and they invited all of us to their first kegger of the year. That's where it happened. That was my first time. No, not THAT first time. It was my first time having too much to drink. Honestly, there wasn't much
special about the party except for some awesome swing dancing with my ROTC buddy. There was lots and lots of beer and a few quarters games going on. I found out I had an aptitude for quarters as long as I was aloud to launch them off my nose. Sadly. although I had an aptitude for quarters, I had no tolerance for beer. Boy, oh boy did I pay for it the next day.

©1996 Jim Wallace/Duke

The next day, every single ROTC member had to be at the Duke Chapel at 2pm in FULL dress uniform (can we say tight collars much) for the Veteran's Day service.I made it there on time...barely And, I managed to stay upright...barely. But, Kristin was NOT a happy camper. Trying to appear compose and polished when the room is spinning and you feel like your head is going to fall off is NOT a good thing. Tight collars combined with the gag reflex a hangover induces is also NOT a good thing.

Like most college students, the drunken revelry was not a one time thing but it is definitely a thing left to the past While I enjoy a drink now and then and a good party can really rock, I'm too damned old to party like that anymore.

When was your first time? Spill it in the comments or, if you participated in Day 12 of Calliope's blogging summer camp, leave me a link to your post.


SmartOneKym said...

I've been drunk several times (and have the drunken blogging posts to prove it, but I don't think that my body has the capacity to get a full-blown hangover. The first time I was *really* drunk was sometime during the beginning of my senior year of high school. I was 16 and a couple of friends and I went to hang out with a couple of younger GIs on the base. We could have gotten into SOOO much trouble if we were caught, but damn did we have a good time. I was a homebody and that was just one of probably five times I went out like that. My friends preferred to hang out at my house, or Frank was home for the weekend and I spent all of my time with him.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Like Kym, for a long time I didn't think I was a person who got hangovers. It wasn't until I was in my late 20s (27 I think) and our whole fam-damily went out for my BIL's 30th birthday.

We were at a Greek restaurant... the grandparents were there, parents were there, aunts and uncles... And all of the 'young ones' (Me, sis, BIL, cousin, friends) started doing Dr. Pepper shots. I don't know what's in them, but they were sure yummy! Sadly, this was on top of already having a couple of Long Island Iced Teas and a ton of garlicky Greek food. Good heavens I was hammered.

Fast forward to the next morning. I was working for a large drug store, working the early morning shift (5am) stocking shelves. I made it to work on time, but I really don't think I accomplished much. I felt so gross, headachy, sweaty, and nauseated... and I could smell the garlic coming out of my pores.

But sadly that wasn't my first encounter with 'demon' liquor. You'll have to pop by my blog for that story.