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Monday, July 25, 2011

Once upon a time there was a beanstalk...

I recently discovered eBeanstalk.com when Shelly from Momfiles.com told me about them. eBeanstalk.com is a truly fabulous online store with a large selection of entertaining and educational toys for kids. According to their website, they have toys and games for babies up through 12 yr olds but, in the 12 yr old category, I found things that even my teenager would enjoy. eBeanstalk.com has an incredibly wide range of products. They have super cute bead kits that I might just have to buy and play with. I saw some awesome shape sorters that would be a perfect 1 yr old gift. eBeanstalk.com even has a nice selection of art books. But, I think my all time favorite toy I ran across on the eBeanstalk website is the DNA by Science Whiz. This fabulous kit teaches your child all about DNA and even teaches them how to extract DNA from fruit. How cool is that? I can definitely foresee some shopping sprees on eBeanstalk.com

I found the eBeanstalk.com web site easy to navigate and it seemed that the toys and games were placed into age appropriate categories. My only complaint issue with the web site is there were a number of items that were listed twice in the same category...same item, same link, double listings...but, this relatively minor issue can be fixed easily. All in all, I think eBeanstalk.com is a pretty awesome place to shope for any of the children in your life.

*I was compensated for this review but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Sheliza said...

I do love them and I am getting ready to order William a puzzle of the Presidents of the United States.