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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: a second mashless edition

Welcome to Friday Night Leftovers hosted by the fabulous Danifred of Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks...
  • The other night Joey was reading to Gabe. He was reading Skippyjon Jones, Lost In Spice. There is a line in the book that says Skippyjon Jones is nuts about Mars. Well, thanks to the slang Gabe has learned from his older brothers, Gabe changed that line and said "Skippyjon Jones is balls about Mars."
  • I was watching the news and a report made me wonder where they get some of the bond numbers they give to people. I mean why issue someone a bond of $270,000. Why not $250,000 or $300,000?
  • Gabe struck again. He and Joey were talking  the other night and Gabe asked Joey if a T. Rex was a real animal. Joey told him it was and T was short for Tyrannosaurus. Gabe looked at Joey and said "So, T.Rex stands for Tyrannosaurus Sex?" Joey died laughing and Gabe had no clue what his brother thought was so funny.
  • My 10 yr old Joey painted this in art class towards the end of the last school year.
  • I think Gabe has created 80 million pictures of vampires, Pacman and Ms. Pacman, and the Pacman ghosts over the past week or so. I really think I could wallpaper our bathroom with them,
  • Saw the cutest personalized plate on a chocolate brown van...CHCLTLVR
Head on over to Danifred's for more leftovers and stop in to congratulate her.


SmartOneKym said...

Lost in Spice is one of our favorites. I read that one to Kaelyn's Pre-K class this year. Leave it to your boys to put their own spin on it!

Lavender Luz said...

I love Joey's painting.

And I want that license plate.

Jo said...

The nuts/balls joke had me practically in tears, I was laughing so hard. Does that make me a 14-year-old boy? Just sayin'. You've got some funny kids!



Sheliza said...

I am cracking up about the T-Rex story!! All of your boys are so funny! Loving that painting. looks frame worthy!

JustHeather said...

I love the T-rex story and thanks for sharing it.

Danifred said...

The T-sex story is absolutely awesome! I'm sure it will be one that you'll continue to tell throughout the years :)

Emma said...

Wow! Joey is a talented artist! I LOVE the still life. Tell him I am very impressed :)