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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Random Shit from me

I now pronounce that there is NO possible way it is already December 8th. It just really registered that there are only 17 days until Christmas and I am nowhere close to being ready. Yeah, I know I just had my birthday and logically that means it has to be a few days later but I am in denial. Please, please help me figure out how to gain an extra week or two.
My fridge is dead. Remember that wonderful, fabulous fridge I got from Craig's List (damn, I can't find the post with the pic). Well, that wonderful, fabulous fridge is a fucking fabulous paper weight. Thank God we have a second fridge and a chest freezer. I was able to transfer all the food and didn't lose anything. Damn it, we are not having good luck with used appliances and there is no way we can afford a brand new one. Grrrr
I have found the most wonderful group of women locally. It is a knitting/crocheting/women's social group called Girls With Purls. They are welcoming, incredibly talented (OMG, their yarn work puts me to shame), and just snarky enough to really be fun. I've been to one of their monthly meet ups and their Christmas party. It is so nice having some me time.
Gabe is completely 100% potty trained. He is even wearing underwear at night. I am so thrilled.
Do you see that little button on the top of my left sidebar? I have joined uPrinting.com's blog sponsorship program. That means in the near future I will be able to offer you all kinds of fabulous giveaways through them. I have been lucky enough to win a few of their giveaways on another blog and have been delighted with their products. I hope you'll be as pleased as I am.
Tune in tomorrow night's Show and Tell to see Gabe's Ms. Pacman cake and hear all about the party and our goodies.


Sandy said...

Hooray for Gabe! (and you). That sucks about your fridge. I bought my fridge 10 years ago for $25 (very, very used). I'm terrified that it will go any moment. We may have to put our groceries in the snow if that happens, because we sure can't afford a new one.

I don't know why I'm babbling away in your comments section, lol!

Great post full of random stuff! :)

Sheliza said...

Sorry about your fridge! Glad to hear about Gabe!! I love your randomness :)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

That absolutely sucks about the fridge. Ours died this year too and it hurt to buy a new one. More frustrating that you got one--albeit used--and it didn't last.

Lynn said...

I'm with you on not believing its already December! How did that happen? Sorry about your fridge. It sucks when then screw up when you need them to work properly. Yay for Gabe! That's excellent news!

Btw, I think its awesome that you were able to find a knitting/crocheting group locally. There's nothing like that around here, although I wish there was!

Barb said...

So jealous of the yarny fun!!!!

We had to buy a frig and a dishwasher this year, plus pay to have our washer fixed. ugh.

Quiet Dreams said...

Boo on undependable appliances and wasted money.

Yay on "me time" and Gabe, the big boy!