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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Year According To Facebook

I saw this on Kym's blog and thought I'd give it a shot and see what it had to say about me. Not sure what all this says about me except that maybe I played Farmville a bit too much...LOL. If you want to do your own, check out My Year In Status on Facebook. If you decide to join in the fun, post your link here for me to see and over at Kym's for her.


Stacie said...

The mafia wars stuff still cracks me up. It is too funny that all my friends are/were playing that game. The updates on fb about you were doing in the game were funny, too. :-)

I posted my status review if you're interested.

Jo said...

I'm a Mafia Wars addict, too. But I prefer FarmTown to FarmVille. Just sayin'. :-P


Anonymous said...
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Another Dreamer said...

LOL about the zinga games references :)

I went ahead and did mine if you are interested- http://anunwantedpath.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-year-in-fb-updates.html

Half of a Duo, Raising a Duo said...

Kristin I did that wordle thing just like you and mine was all about my surrogacy journey which is nearly 2 years behind me. IDK... it is amazing to me that FB pulled all this stuff 2 years past instead of all the inspirational phrases and Bible verses I throw on my status line first thing in the am to help others.

Hugs to you and Happy New Year lady.

I will be going for Iron Commenter status, let's see if I can get there this list is massive!

Wifey said...

I'm not a Farmville player myself, but Mafia Wars, that's a different story. Thanks for telling us how to try this on our own, I may see what mine looks like.

Anonymous said...

I did the "Year O' Facebook" thing too. It was an interesting look back at my life. BTW, your christmas tree is beautiful!

Happy ICLW

MrsSpock said...

I just did mine...no Farmville for me.

Daria said...

First off - you can never play too much Farmville. =) (Okay, maybe you can - but if you don't care, why should anyone else?) lol..

Happy ICLW. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you've written - and will write, of course! =)

Jen said...

Cool, I had not seen that! I am totally with you on the real tree...the few years we had to have a fake (overseas, trees pricey/hard to find), well, yuck...real all the way!

Happy ICLW!