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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality...post BlogHer'11

My body hurts. I walked and walked and walked some more. I think I turned into a swag whore because it cost a scary amount to ship it home (can't WAIT for it to get here) and my arms still ache from toting it all. I'm bummed because my pictures sort of suck (damn that cell phone camera) but I'm so excited because I got interviewed by an Australian news crew and made the news report (OMG....squeeeeeeeeee!). I didn't get all the pictures I wanted but Beanis (remember him) was in more pictures than just about anything or anyone else this weekend (I couldn't walk more than 2 feet without people wanting to see or hold or take pictures of him). I saw old friends and really old friends. I met people I have loved and admired from afar. I missed out on meeting other people I desperately wanted to see but was remembered and called by name by others I wasn't sure would remember me (thanks Chef Jill). I was inspired by the sessions I went to...can I please grow up to be like the ladies who won the International Activist Scholarships or maybe the fabulous ladies who led the discussion about Owning Your Beauty: If We Change The Conversation, Can We Change The Culture? I got to travel and spend the weekend with two of my best friends ever (Kristi and Jen, I love you) and our twitter hookup roomie, Shauna, fit in perfectly. She's definitely a member of the inner circle and I miss her already. I went to incredible parties, slept too little, and am totally off schedule. BlogHer '11 kicked my ass and made me very happy. I have swollen feet and a light heart and I would do it all again...hopefully next year in New York!

I promise I'll try to have a more coherent post about all the fun soon. My brain is still to fired to think straight.


St Elsewhere said...

Wowow, looks like you had a lot of fun!

You better post up some pics soon!

Lavender Luz said...

Been thinking of you. Glad to hear you made it home safely. Eager to read more about your time at BlogHer!

Kristi aka "Judy" said...

OMG!!! So much fun! So many inspirations! So much swag!
My best description--epic!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! So glad you had such a good time. Also terribly jealous!