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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Taking Care of the Random Dust Bunnies

Hey y'all...it's time for a bit of housekeeping before I take off for San Diego on Thursday. I do plan on posting while I'm off networking, reconnecting, partying, and educating myself at BlogHer '11. However, I know how crazy busy the conference is and when you throw in a little bit of jet lag on top of it all...well, the best laid plans can go awry. So, to cover my ass in case of exhaustion, I've lined up the most kick-ass group of guest bloggers ever!
  • The amazing Molly of McPolish.com will be visiting on Wednesday. I know, I know...I'm not leaving until the 4th but a girl's gotta pack.
  • My amazing thuggette Kym (formerly of I'm A Smart One) of The Smartness is covering me on Thursday. I adore my sister from another mister.
  • The unbelievable Kathy from Four of a Kind is lending me her writing skillz on Friday.
  • The luminescent Kir from Kir's Corner is bringing her serious writing chops to visit on Saturday. Have you read her stories about Kimmy and David? Truly amazing work.
  • Rachée (who also posted last Sunday) of Say It Ray-Shay is graciously covering this coming Sunday for me too. Rachée truly ROCKS...and she's almost as addicted to yarn as I am.
  • And, last but definitely not least, the phenomenally talented (she not only writes incredibly but she creates the most amazing bracelets) Suzy of Not A Fertile Myrtle is posting on Monday so I have a chance to recover from BlogHer. 
Please welcome these loverly ladies and make them feel welcome....and, keep an eye on your blogroll/feedreader/etc because I'm really, really going to try and get something up every day too.
Marty made the funniest comment the other day. He said "What if earth is just a channel on God's TV...the comedy channel?"

Do you remember the old Huggies commercial that has the baby peeing so hard that it hit the hotel room roof? Gabe absolutely loses it every time he sees that commercial. Today, he saw the commercial, lost his shit laughing, and then went over to Joey and said "Now showing...The Babies Peeing on the Ceiling Show on Nick...watch it!" Joey almost fell over laughing.

You know, I'm not sure what part of going to San Diego I'm looking forward to the most, meeting up with all the incredible people or the amazing temperatures. OMG y'all, 78 to 80 degrees in August...I am so fricking excited.

Be back to see y'all as soon as I can. Love you, mean it!


    Mrs. Gamgee said...

    I love the guest post line up! Very cool ladies, and I think next time the Gamgees go on vacation, I might do things that way (Iit about killed me to do all those scheduled posts last month)

    Your kids are hysterical! I love the stuff they come up with!

    (PS- have you signed up for Sock it To Me?)

    Kir said...

    sooooo excited to be sharing a piece with everyone on Sat...have a great time at BlogHer sweetie, you're gonna SHINE!!!


    Kathy said...

    Me too! I am honored to be a part of your rockin' line up this week! Though I would rather be at BlogHer with you and the rest, I am excited to be guest posting here on Friday! Have a blast in San Diego! I can't wait to hear (and read) all about it! :)

    Lavender Luz said...

    What a fabulous cadre of guest posters.

    Have a wonderful time, Kristin! Can't wait to hear about it.