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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: The BlogHer With Beanis + More Edition

Welcome to Friday Night Leftovers hosted by the fabulous Danifred of Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks...
  • When my dad stopped by today to drop off the dogs, he asked if I would give him Prozac before he read my blog the next time. I cracked up and said "I guess you read BlogHer with Beanis." My dad was just shaking his head.
  • He then looked at Marty and said "I don't know what went wrong with her generation. Maybe it's genetic? Maybe it's environmental?...but, something went wrong." I was laughing my ass off.
  • It was amazing how quickly he revised his opinion when I told him I had multiple people wanting to buy Beanises from me. Bwahahahahaha...the power of the almighty dollar.
  • Marty had his second official  ROTC event...helping at the first Cary Imps football game. He looks so handsome in his uniform.
  • Holy Shit...only 5 days and a wake up until school starts. All three boys will be in school this year. I'm so excited.
  • Holy shit...only 5 days and a wake up until school starts. *sniff*sniff* My baby is going to school. Can't he be a baby just a little bit longer?
  • Marty has decided we need to make risotto...damn those cooking shows. Guess I have to teach myself how to make something else.
Head on over to Danifred's for more leftovers


    Jeni said...

    Stopping by from F NL...best wishes getting your guys ready for school...and what is a Beanis?

    Anonymous said...

    LOL. I can't believe your dad reads your blog! I admire your bravery. And I say mass produce the beanis! It'll make you a fortune! :-)

    Mrs. Gamgee said...

    I'm already dreading school and our wee girl won't be going for years yet. *sigh*

    Risotto is so easy and so worth it! Yum!

    Danifred said...

    Oh, the getting ready for school days. Tot went off this morning and my heart broke. Enjoy what's left of summer :)