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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Belated Back to School

Not that my children were late in going back to school but I'm late in getting the post up because of the chaos of Thursday night and my exhaustion on Friday. All three of the boys had a wonderful day on Thursday. Marty likes all his teachers but he seems to particularly like his creative writing teacher. He really likes the creative writing teacher's sense of humor.  Hehehe, the man has a wooden battle ax (black blade, green handle) that he uses for the bathroom pass. He really knows how to appeal to the teenage sense of humor. Joey has also gone from moaning about school to truly enjoying it. He likes his teacher and has his best friend in his class. We don't know who Gabe's teacher is going to be yet. His school does a staggered start for the kindergarteners. They divide all the new kindergartners into 5 groups and each group comes one of the first 5 days. That lets all the kindergarten teachers evaluate the abilities of all the kids. They then divide them into class making sure the classes are balanced as far as their abilities are concerned. We will get to go meet Gabe's teacher on Wednesday.

Of course, I subjected all three kids to first day of school pics...
How did my boys get to be so grown up looking and so handsome?