"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. " -Helen Keller

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Live Big, Live Loud

I was reading a book this weekend and the main character was musing about what makes a death tragic. She concluded that it's not just a life cut short, a life ended before the person has time to live, that is tragic. She decided that any death that happens before a person really embraces life, before they take risks and wear their heart on there sleeve, is tragic. Reading this didn't really make me pause too long because, as I grew up, I embraced the idea of living life to it's fullest and telling people how I feel. What did make me pause was this message seemed to be turning up everywhere.

On Friday (I think), I stumbled across a post titled For Mikey. Blogger Jennie Perillo of In Jennie's Kitchen wrote a beautiful and heart-wrenching post about her last date with her husband before he suddenly and unexpectedly died.  Then on Saturday, I read a post from the Travel Diva about some people who were contemplating pulling out of triathalon competition because a few people died during the swim section of an event. She had a line that really resonated with me. She said *"We know not the day or the time when God will call us home, so it comes down to a simple choice – Get busy living, or get busy dying." After this timely reminder, I luckily had a day to breathe and digest this message before the universe decided to drive it home so more.

On Monday, I heard the tragic news that a scant two weeks after reaching her heart's desire and having the adoption of SweetPea and LittleBuddy approved, the dear Mel of  Full Circle lost her husband this weekend. He was young. He was vibrant. They finally had their family and now he is gone. Then, today, my dear friend Lynn of Wistfulgirl's World lost her father suddenly and unexpectedly. Once again, after being faced with stories of loss and tragedy, I ran across **a post over at SelfishMom.com that reminded people that life is short and asked us to embrace the moment and tell the people we love how we feel.

There has been so much tragedy, so much heartbreak, in such a short time. It's been a powerful reminder that we never know how much time we have left on this earth. We never know how long we are going to have with our children, our spouses, and our parents. We never know how long we're going to have to bake someone a peanut butter pie or try a new activity or to pursue a dream. Don't wait until a loved one's funeral to share memories and to speak about how you feel. Tell your friends and family you love them. Appreciate even the mundane moments with them. Pursue your dreams. Don't put them off until tomorrow. I beg of you...Live Big and Live Loud. You'll never regret it.

If you could pick one thing, one way to live big and live loud in this next week or month, what would it be?

Vee of Three Little Birds lost her mom this morning. Please add her to your prayers.

*a loose paraphrase of a line from The Shawshank Redemption
**found through the Aiming Low Daily paper...if you don't subscribe, you should


Mrs. Gamgee said...

My 'Live Big' isn't very loud...

I seem to find any and all excuses for not writing. I have 101 ideas for stories rattling around in my brain, but they rarely make it to paper or my computer. My whole life I have dreamed of having something I've written on the shelves of a library or bookstore. And while I know it's an unlikely event, it certainly won't happen if I don't get my ass in gear and do some writing.

Delenn said...

Wow, just wow. How much I have been rattling around this idea this week.

I think my "live big" idea is to try to actually make that peanut butter pie. (I don't cook--I mean, not like that)

JamericanSpice said...

Your title is right on.
I need to follow suit. I've been trying though.

I was just reading about a little girl wanting to raise 300 dollars for orphans in Africa so they could get water and food.
She raised just a bit over 200 dollars and then suddenly she was dead.
She was in a wreck with many other vehicles and she was the only 9year old to die.
Everyone took on her little bit with big heart and now she has raised over a million dollars!!!
But so suddenly she was gone. It's heartbreaking and so inspiring that the last thing she did with her life was live it for others. Just amazing.

So I agree to go about living intentionally!

Kir said...

this is a gorgeous post and so sad too, so much loss and sadness.
Thank you for writing it, for reminding us to LIVE BIG, to LOVE BIG and LOUD, I promise to do better with this

love you...big!!!

Discount Chica said...

amazing post...
my live big and live loud isn't very hard and yet it is...
stop being in fear.

Not just living.

But being.

thank you for a great post.

Anonymous said...

So on point. I keep on thinking that I sleepwalk through so much of life, and I've been making an effort to stop doing that and truly start enjoying things. I'm starting the journey by trying to find a way to get rid of my depression in a long-term and effective way. it's not much, but it's a start. Hugs!

Lynn said...

Thank you, my beautiful friend, for you love, support, thoughts and prayers. This has been the most difficult week of my life. We will bury my dad today. I will be back online to send proper thank yous to everyone over the weekend. Love you!

MrsSpock said...

Oy. The bad news in the blogosphere has been hitting me hard too.