"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. " -Helen Keller

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What do you believe in or did Men In Black have it right?

I know y'all remember the movie, Men In Black, with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Well, all the continued news coverage of the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter debacle that we've been getting here in North Carolina got me thinking.

Now hang with me y'all. I know you don't see the tie in between these two things yet, but I promise you will.

This story of their affiar and the child they conceived was just sitting there waiting to be discovered. From all accounts, any one of the major news organizations could have followed the trails these two idiots left. Did any of them uncover this life altering, politics altering story? Hell no. It took what is commonly referred to as a trashy tabloid to do it. It took a supermarket tabloid to throw the truth in our faces.

Here it comes. Here's the tie in.

Do you remember the point in Men In Black when Tommy Lee Jones' character told Will Smith's character that the only newspapers out there that told the truth were the supermarket tabloids? Well, here we have a real life example of that. And, that got me thinking. Do you ever wonder if those out there, supernatural things that only the tabloids talk about are real?

Yeah, I know. I have a really screwed up thought process...LOL.

Now, I'm not saying I believe the tabloids. I don't think there are two-headed alien babies left in every cabbage patch and I don't believe Nadia Suleman got her stomach that flat after octuplets without surgical help. I'm just saying there seem to be a lot of things science can't explain.

What paranormal or supernatural things do you wonder about? Do you think all the stories about UFOs are bunk or do you think there is an element of truth? What conspiracy theories do you think have some level of merit and which are utter bullshit?

I know I think UFOs exist. When my mom was in her early 20s, her family was on there way to Japan. Towards the tail end of the flight, my mom saw something off the wing of their plane that definitely did NOT fit any known aircraft parameters. My sister has also had a classic "lights in the sky" UFO experience. Before you just dismiss these as people not knowing what they are looking at, both my mom and my sis grew up around Air Force bases and know what planes lights look like and these were NOT plane lights.

How about reincarnation? Now, I don't think that all reincarnation stories, like some of Shirley MacLain's wackier stories, are true. I do think there may be some souls out there that are reincarnated...or there would have to be another paranormal explanation for the things that happen to these people. A person near and dear to me lived over in Europe years ago. One time when they were doing the touristy thing and visiting sites with historical significance, this individual had a very odd experience. While on the way to a specific battlefield, this person started having vivid images pop into his head. These images were like memories. He was seeing actual scenes from the battles that occurred there during World War II. These scenes were from a combatants point of view. This particular battle was not one that was famous. It was not one that was taught about in American schools. Because these images were so vivid and seemed so real, this person went on a research mission when they got home. He ended up having to look in German books and resources to find the information he needed but, it turned out that everything he saw in his visions had actually happened during that battle. Definitely qualifies as a thing that makes you go hmmmm!

And, finally, people in my family have learned to pay attention when our inner voice is screaming at us to either do something or don't do something. It's usually not good at all when we ignore that voice. A very small example of this occurred when we were moving back to the US from overseas. We had a dog that my dad went jogging with every night. This one night, my dad was getting a weird feeling. For some reason, he was getting a feeling that they should skip their evening run. But, on this occasion, he shook off the feeling ans decided to go running because the dog was so full of energy. While they were out running, our dog Tinkerbell got hit by a car and died. This is just one example of many, many times that a person in my family (my dad, me, my sister, my niece) have gotten a feeling or a message (for lack of a better word) that has proven to be true.

So, once again, What paranormal or supernatural things do you wonder about? Do you think all the stories about UFOs are bunk or do you think there is an element of truth? What conspiracy theories do you think have some level of merit and which are utter bullshit? Come on and sahre with us.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I often have that thought... what if it's true? when looking at tabloid headlines.

I'm not big into the supernatual/ghostie type thing. (I think a lot of that can be explained away) but I am rather curious about aliens. Not in the aliens-abducted-me-and-put-a-probe-up-my-butt sort of thing, but I don't think we are alone in the universe.

GeekByMarriage said...

Oh honey, Kym and I could do a whole weeks worth of posting on this. I stand by my claims that in my childhood I saw several ghosts. Not shadows in the dark but in the light of day.
I do believe in aliens and like Mrs. Gamgee I do not think they abduct the trailer park crazies.

Reincarnation is a tough one for me.

Aunt Becky said...

I still believe in ghosts. My brother had a--seriously--haunted house. The ghost HATED me.

Beautiful Mess said...

I believe it! There is NO way we could be the only ones in the universe, its just too big! Same with ghosts and reincarnation. How else could you explain what happened to your friend? Plus I'm ALL about the rainbows and sunshine and whats more rainbow-y and sunshine-y then another life?! Just my thoughts ;o)

Lin said...

I find it hard to believe that out of all the planets in the universe, ours is the only one that can sustain life. So, I do believe in aliens.

However, I'm not sure I believe in aliens that look like humans...I mean, what are the odds of that? It's probably more likely that they don't look anything like we'd expect, you know?

Fun question! Thanks for the comment on my blog!


Sandy said...

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Shakespeare:

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

That about sums it up for me.

Fat Chick said...

I totally believe in UFOs, life on other planets, reincarnation and lots of other stuff.

But then, I've always been a bit of the woo-woo.

Another Dreamer said...

I think that pretty much anything is possible. And what is defined reality by one individual can certainly be a different reality by another.

I don't believe we are the only ones in the universe, not with how vast is supposedly is and how many galaxies there are.

I believe in the possibility of a great many things, which I might not have experienced and therefore I don't feel it's my right to disclaim it without any actual experience. It's like psychologists not ruling out ESP and such, they can't prove it exists- but they can't prove it doesn't either, and until they do they can't say it's complete absurdity either.

There are some things I believe in that other's don't- like negative energies, positive energies, spirits, inner intuition- and some people debate it is spiritual stuff, some say it is easily explained by the bodies natural processes- I say, it doesn't matter to me one bit where it comes from, all I care about is that it exists. I can sense if someone is a bad person, whether this is a gift or a natural self-defense mechanism developed in me, well, it doesn't make much difference for me.

But, really, isn't it more fun to believe it is something more than science? I think that everyone needs a little magic in their lives, in whatever form they prefer to capture it.

Dana said...

I think that aliens could be real but I dont see why they would come here. Its awful ego centric of us earthlings to think there is no other life out there.

I do believe in ghosts pretty firmly though.

Myndi said...

I definitely don't believe what I read in the tabloids, but I do believe there is a huge possibility that there is more out there than we realize.

I believe in ghosts (I know I've seen them!). I believe there has to be other life forms out there. I believe there are likely things existing on this planet that we either aren't able to see or refuse to see. And I hope that reincarnation is a reality, but I suppose I won't know until it's all over, right?

But, of course, believing all of that makes me a whack job, right? ;)

Jen said...

i believe. Lizzie was concieved within 2 days of my grandpa dying (hotel..long story) when she was born, she didn't cry and the first thing out of anyones mouth was..she reminds them of grandpa. to this day, my grandma says she sees my grandpa in things Lizzie does or how she looks. Lizzie even knew who he was without being told when shown a picture. eerie. Em and me have both seen shadows that shouldn't be there and I'm too chicken to turn out all my lights at night lol. We aren't alone, there is no way. but like someone else already said....I'm already loony

battynurse said...

I don't totally know what I do or don't believe in but tend to be open to all things if that makes sense. I do believe in ghosts though and have to admit that I'd really love to see one. Even if it totally freaked me out. I would love to visit some of the "known" haunted houses.
I will also say that I have had dreams about people who are gone that I truly believe was them communicating with me in a manner.