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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Wrap-Ups

There have been a lot of things I have read about in the blogging world over the past two weeks that I've meant to write about. I collected all the links but kept forgetting to put up the post. So, here goes...

Heather over at The Spohrs Are Multiplying has had two really important posts up recently. On the 5th, she wrote about a new service called Text4Baby. It's a free service designed to help get important health info and tips into the hands of expectant and new moms. Go read her post and spread the word. On the 11th, Heather turned her blog over to a mom named Kristine who wants to educate people about Congenital Heart Disease and the simple test, a pulse oximetry, that can help diagnose these immediately after birth. Please, please go read this post and, if you are pregnant or hope to be soon, add this test to the list of things to be done BEFORE you leave the hospital with your baby.

Arian at Fractured Rainbows lost her grandfather almost 2 weeks ago on the 4th. She has two beautiful posts about how it has all affected her, Farewell to a Hero and There Is No Reverse. Please take the time to offer your support.

I know the Super Bowl is over but, if you haven't read it already, go read Mrs. Spit's take on the Tebow Anti-Abortion ad. She offers a unique perspective and really makes you think.

Fran over at Everyone else but me and Baby over at Bionic Mamas got BFN s this week. Go give them some support and love.

Eve at Pour Away The Ocean (formerly Infertility Rocks!) is dealing with the devastation of knowing one of her twins is dead while she hopes and prays the other one will continue to thrive and grow. She's had to deal with some remarkably insensitive behavior from a few nurses and techs. She could really use us to rally around her and help support her until her baby girl arrives healthy and safe.

And, finally, on a non-reproductive topic, what do y'all think of the whole situation with Kevin Smith getting kicked off a Southwest flight for fatness? Cecily referred us to a brilliant article by Kate Harding about this whole topic. Let me know what you think about this issue.

Finally, anything y'all want to share...anyone you know of who needs support...and topics you want opinions on...post 'em here.


nancy said...

Someone got kicked off a flight for fatness? I haven't heard of this (although I haven't been reading/watching the news recently).

Hrm. What do I think of this? Without knowing the details, I think weight should be covered like a disability - like they should have certain seats for people who need bigger areas to sit. But then again, I don't think a company should have to change everything to fit the needs of every single person either. But there should be at least one spot to be able to hold people of weight and people with wheelchairs, etc.

Flying Monkeys said...

That was a great article. Yes, the Greyhound of the Skies is positively roomy without...not. I think only petite people travel with any comfort in planes, it's ridiculous. As my waist expands from my emotional baggage, I get more nervous about flying or carnival rides or anything that would require me to squeeze my butt into a seat made for my 10 year old's butt. The anxiety prompts me to eat more, how sick is that? And I love Kevin Smith and how he Tweeted about with humor even though he was embarrassed.

GeekByMarriage said...

The reason K.S made such a big deal out of it is because on the flight he actually got to be on they tried the same shit with the woman sitting next to him. Only hours after they'd ousted him. He saw her humiliation and spoke out about it.

"Ma'am you're going to have to buy another seat because you're encroaching on the empty seat Mr. Smith paid for."

They didn't even ask K.S if he minded the empty seat being taken up an inch by her.

Damn greedy bastards. The damnedable thing about it is that he wasn't removed for being overweight he was removed because he was flying standby and they overbooked the plane. They pulled out the fat excuse to try and shame him and make it seem like it wasn't SWA's fault.

Jase listened to his SModcast today and got the full story.

I pity anyone who gives my mom any shit like that.