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Friday, October 08, 2010

My Friday Night Out

Tonight, right as I was getting ready to call the kids in for dinner, I heard Joey yelling ow, ow, ow and running for the door.  Turns out we had a war wound.  See, there was a ginormous ninja/war game going on in the backyard and, when Joey was on his way down off the trampoline by way of the slide, he fell and bent his finger in a direction it shouldn't have bent.  He said he also heard it pop when he fell.  I checked it out and he couldn't move it much and there wasn't much strength in it so I decided we needed to get it checked out.  Of course, it was just after 6 o'clock when this happened so no doctor's office for us.  We were off to an urgent care.  Since it wasn't immediately swelling or turning black and blue, I wasn't too afraid it was broken.  Instead, I was thinking it might be dislocated.

The first urgent care center wasn't in our insurance network.  They pointed us to one a little further down the road that was in network.  We got there at 6:30 and their fucking doors were closed and locked.  An urgent care center that closed at 5:30 on a Friday?!?!?  WTF?  I thought one of the main purposes of urgent care centers was for after hours care that doesn't need an ER trip.  So, I called Vic and he managed to find one a bit farther down the road..and off we went.  We got there and it was a lovely little clinic and a hella cheaper than the ER ($30 copay instead of a $250 copay).

The doc checked out Joey's finger...palpated it, x-rayed it.  No breaks.  No dislocations.  The doc put it in a splint and said to ice it and take ibuprofen.  He also said that he was mildly concerned there might be an issue with a torn/ligament/tendon because of the lack of flexion and strength in the finger.  He said it should be significantly better by Tuesday and, if it wasn't, we needed our own doc to give us a referral to an ortho.

So, at least until early next week, Joey is sporting a spiffy new fashion accessory on his dominant hand (boy won't that make school interesting).  Please say a prayer or send up good thoughts that it isn't a torn ligament/tendon and he heals quickly.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oy... what a fun night. I hope that Joey heals up quick and that it isn't anything more serious than a sprain.

And urgent care centers in general drive me nuts, but to close at 5:30 on a Friday? That's just stupid!

JJ said...

Oh what a fun way to spend Friday night! Ouch! Hope you at least got to sleep in this morning--and hope he's better ASAP!

Kakunaa said...

Oh, goodness! I hope it is just a sprain.

And I am just now (sadly) realizing how much he looks like you!!!

Another Dreamer said...

Awww :( Hope it heals quickly!

Sheliza said...

I sure hope he heals up well and he looks like he is loving his new finger art! :)

Barb said...

Sending healing wishes your way! ACK I don't know how I'll handle that kind of stuff!!

WiseGuy said...

Joey is holding it so cool in the pic...almost a star trek contraption!

But But But I want the finger to heal well and fast, painlessly. Amen!

battynurse said...

Hope the finger is all better by now.