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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Musical Obsession

My kids have always loved music and they all have very individual tastes in it.  Marty's favorite CD to listen to at bed time when he was little was Great Women of Song with artists like Etta Jame, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald.  Marty also loves Lois Armstrong.  Joey is my classic rock junkie.  He also likes good Christian Rock.  On any given day, you'll find him listening to Queen, Kiss, and Meatloaf.  He knows the words and can sing along to so many of my favorite songs.  And Gabe, well his musical preference hasn't really shown itself yet.  He seems to like a lot of the stuff both of his brothers listen too. 

The funny thing is, 2 of my 3 kids have had obsessions with TV theme songs too.  When Marty was really little, he could be anywhere in our house and, the minute the theme song to Home Improvement came on, he would come running.  He liked the show but he was totally enraptured with the theme song.  He would dance along the whole time it played.  Gabe's obsession was with the theme song to Jeopardy...seriously.  Even when he was less than a year old, that theme song drew him in like a siren's song.  He would dance to it, groove too it, and, yes, he would watch the show and wait for it to play again.

Is music an important part of your house?  does anyone in your family have funny music obsessions in their past?


rys said...

Music is very important in our house. They love Wii Music, which allows them to 'play' and experiment with a variety of instruments. I've been teaching them about audio cues and orchestras with music from video games, as many of them use full orchestration.

Divine loves music with energy, such as dance and pop, Little Man loves classic rock and metal, and T loves a variety.

Kakunaa said...

Music is the glue in my family. It is a constant part of it. So much so that my ex woke up one morning when we stayed there and said, "Why is someone always singing in this house???" LMAO. I dance in the grocery stores. To whatever is playing. I dance to cheesy hold music. What is life without it?