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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Celebratory Society

Once again, Mel's brilliance is shining through. Mel has come up with the idea of the Celebratory Society. The Celebratory Society is an online festschrift (click here for a more complete expalnation) for a blogger- a way for you to tell me what my blog or actions mean to you.

Think of this as a call to delurk. Tell me how you found me and what attracted you to my blog...why you keep coming back. But, this isn't just about me. The Celebratory Society is all about getting and giving warm fuzzies. That means you need to head on back to your blog (but not until you are done here), write your own Celebratory Society post, and add it to the main project list. This will give me a chance to tell you what an awesomely, wonderful and totally kick ass person I think you are.


Another Dreamer said...

Well, you are awesome first of all. I loved your individuality and the fact that you weren't afraid to say what you really felt about something. You often have stories that make me giggle. I love the way you write, and are compassionate. You're always trying to help others, and I admire that. You're always supportive of others too, no matter how much you have going on in your own life you are always there for other people- your support over the past two years has meant so much to me.

MrsSpock said...

I have no idea how I found you. You probably commented on my blog, because, let's face it, you comment on EVERYONE's blog. By the end of the week, when I usually am catching up with everyone, you usually have posted every day that week, plus have homeschooled your son, plus commented on my pitiful blog, and done at least 3 or 4 craft projects.

I am in awe of your energy! I love your no-holds-barred posts, and complete lack of shyness.

And, of course, your love of sci-fi. In fact, you are on my list of people to ask to read over my first draft, whenever I complete my novel.

Lavender Luz said...

I must have found you through Mel or L&F. I remember this very wise, kind and funny woman began leaving comments on my blog. I see you as someone who is very loyal, and who tends her friends well, who would do anything for those she loves.

You are an awesome guest-blogger! You have a great sense of humor and an authentic voice.

And damn, are those chocolate truffles easy and yummy. :-)

I'm so glad you're in my blogosphere.

Sandy said...

Well, I found you in this long, round-a-bout way that is deserving of its own blog post.

When trying to conceive, which took me over two years, I began to Google infertility blogs, which led me to Jen's blog Maybe if You Just Relax. Then I began to read JJ's blog Reproductive Jeans (they both had the same column in Redbook back then). We all three go pregnant at the same time, and I just followed along with their pregnancies. Meanwhile, I began clicking through to the blogs of some of their commenters, one of whom included Lori at Weebles Woblog, which is how I found you.

I lurked for a long time on all of these blogs before commenting, but I'm glad I finally did, because I found four of the most wonderful women on the internet.


sparklythings said...

you are the original iron commenter!! someone already said it - as i make the rounds, i'm sure to find you have already been there ahead of me! what unfailing support!!

really, it is hard to comment sometimes.

so while i've read and enjoyed your blog over the last year, i have to say that your commenting - which is harder than blogging - is what inspires the heck outta me.

it is GIVING a GIFT that costs nothing but touches deeply. thats you.


areyoukiddingme said...

I think I found you through Show & Tell. Or maybe I followed one of your funny comments back here. I don't remember, but I do know that you are a giver and you have a kind word for everyone. Your stories about your boys are usually hilarious, and I think it would be most entertaining to have dinner at your house!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Kristin--there is not enough space online to fully describe your enormous heart. From reaching out to every single person you encounter, from sending Wonder Pets episodes to some kids in love with guinea pigs, from being an Iron Commenter and ensuring everyone got at least one comment that week :-) You are an incredible person and I am lucky to get to count you as a friend.

JJ said...

I am so glad that I have met you in person! You give SO much to this community--and you are an incredible writer. Im so glad we are buds :)

Kakunaa said...

Kristin - you are fantabulous! From your honesty, to your ideas, to your supportiveness. What would blog land do without you? Thank you so much for all of the support you provide, and your positivity. We need you in our lives. Thank you.

Dora said...

Kristin, my dear, could you please bottle some of your energy and send it my way? You are a rock in this community. Your generous heart is obvious in every post and comment. I love tucking the beautiful blankie you made my daughter around her in her stroller. We get tons of compliments on it. Can't wait to meet you face to face in August!!!!

Quiet Dreams said...

I'm not sure how I found you--probably as a commenter on someone else's blog! I started noticing when I first got into blog reading and commenting that you had ALWAYS commented--often you were the first to comment on just about every blog post I would read. :)

You have been an amazing support for me in the last year. Your unwavering support has done so much for me. I wish that I could communicate to you how much it has meant to me. You are an inspiration to me.


I love when you come to comment on my blog. The smile in your avatar photo brings a smile to my face.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I have spent a lot of time pondering what to say here. For me, everything that totally rocks about you comes down to one thing... you are so incredibly genuine. Your humor, your honesty, your giving and caring nature, your creativity, and your kindness all come back to the same place. Your heart. You are simply the genuine article, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I found you through Show & Tell.
You are the one who leaves nice comments on everyone's blog. You are funny and open and so cool, generous with your kind words and sympathy. Your boys are very lucky to have you as their mum.