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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stitching Post Saturday 9/26 & other Random Shit

Hey y'all. Happy Saturday. Sorry there isn't much coherence to my post today but I've got family coming over and I've got to get some cleaning done.

I finished the crocheted pig I showed you last week. I am thrilled with how he turned out and the little boy he was made for love it too.

Gabe desperately needed new shoes so I took him out to get some yesterday. We found some shoes for Gabe and then he spotted the Halloween socks. Gabe begged and pleaded and ended up with a set of ghost sock. It's pretty funny because they are adult socks which means the heel hits the top of his ankle and they can be pulled up past his knees but he LOVES them. I also found a pair of sneakers that I had to have. How can you possibly pass up purple shoes (and, yes, those socks are a pair and they don't match...they are sold that way)?

Last weekend, I helped Joey build a boat for the Raingutter Regatta. The cool thing is this is the only one of the races (Pinewood Derby, Space Derby, and Raingutter Regatta) that you do not have to build your vehicle from the scout kit. The boats are judge for speed, beauty and how unique they are. If you place in the top three in any of the categories, you get a ribbon to wear on your uniform. Joey and his ship, the *SS Candy, won 3 rd place for most unique. We constructed the ship from a 20 oz soda bottle and the sail is from the saide of a 3 liter bottle of soda. The ship and sail were decorated with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrappers and lollipop wrappers.


Any advice on how to find a good and trustworthy Jeweler? I can't wear my engagement ring right now because one of the prongs holding the diamond in is bent. I miss my bling.

*I voted for the Good Ship Lollipop but my suggestion got shot down.


Nina said...

I'm friends with one here in town, (Nashville) but I doubt that'd help you much, since that's about a 6 hr drive for you! Most can fix the prong while you wait, and just tell you to keep an eye on it. If it's broken, it'll have to be replaced and the prong re-tipped to hold the diamond correctly. That'll take a few days. They'll clean and shine it up for you, and you'll think you've got new jewelry! Start with a reputable jewelry store in town, and if they don't have a jeweler on site, ask about one that does. You don't want your jewelry shipped off somewhere. Too much room for error, in my opinion. It's a good idea to have your jewelry inspected and cleaned at least once a year (especially wedding sets, cause we wear them every day) and overhauled when needed. Good luck! Oh, and if your diamond has any inclusions (visible defects: carbon spots, bubbles, sometimes you can see a fish-eye right in the center, depending on how it's cut) these serve as a fingerprint for your stone. If you learn how to identify it, you can always be sure you're getting your bling back! Hope this helps!

Carrie27 said...

That pig is adorable!

Digging the Halloween socks.

Way to go Joey on winning 3rd place.

K said...

loving the halloween socks!!!!

Anonymous said...

How could you resist purple shoes indeed ! They are awsome and so is the good ship lollypop.

Congrats to Joey on his third place ;-)

Sheliza said...

I just love the pig!! too cute. Love those cute boys too :-)

Chelle said...

The pig is adorable! You did a great job. The socks are so funny. Sometimes we indulge our children no matter how silly their wants. Yay for winning third place on the boat. Your boys are too cute.

WiseGuy said...

Oh, I can't help you with the jeweller part!

Well, the little pig is really cute as are Gabe's socks....And I loved your purple shoes too!

I love Joey's expression - him with his prize-winning boat, he looks so proud! Love it totally!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Catching up...

--LOVE your sneakers! And you and Gabe both have some SWEET Halloween socks!

--The crocheted pig is awesome!

--I have teeth envy. We always collect shark teeth when at the beach, but the collection you found while camping was amazing!

--Your list of 36 was awesome! I think I'd be comfortable talking with my Em about all of the list items...except maybe anal sex. I especially like the "one hit" and you leave rule.


Soralis said...

Love the pig! Adorable!

That Joey looks like he has a heart of gold! Gabe looks like he is a feisty one!

Great looking kids


FET Accompli said...

Love, love love that crocheted pig - too cute! And those purple shoes are great too.


Billy said...

That piggie is so cute!
And way to go Joey!