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Thursday, November 06, 2008

What really happened on my election day

I didn't include this in my post about the election because I didn't want to focus on this crappola. I wanted to focus on the phenomenal, amazing occurrence...the election of Obama as president. Now that we are a day or two out, I can tell you about the hell that was my day. I think voting was the only thing that went smoothly that day.

When we got up Tuesday morning, Marty woke up with a fever. And, its all due to the brilliant decision making skills a middle schooler exhibits. The day before, Marty had gone over to his friend's house. After being there for half an hour, *he found out his friend's mom was asleep in her bedroom with a fever. Did he chose to come home at that point and minimize his exposure? Hell no. Instead, he stayed there and played for another 4 hours. UGH. So, in addition to having to take all 3 kids with me to vote, one of them was sick. Luckily, there was no line and we voted (me and the kids in the kids election) and were out of there.

It was also raining all day long and was just chilly enough that you didn't want to be out in it. So, imagine a day with 3 kids stuck in the house because of the rain. Then, right after lunch, Joey and I were going to play a board game. I was sitting at the table waiting for him and he said, "Mom, Jolie (our dog) is bleeding and there is blood all over the floor." Well fuck me. There was blood all over the floor. I got Jolie to lay down because it was apparent the blood was coming from a paw. Once I was able to look at it, it looked like on of the pads on her foot was torn and bleeding profusely. I put a towel under her paw, wrapped the paw in a damp washcloth, and put gentle pressure on it. Then I had Joey call Vic at work and tell him I needed him at home and why. Once Vic got home, I picked Jolie up (all 60+ pounds of her) and carried her out to the van. Gabe stayed home with Marty. I climbed in the back with the dog and Joey climbed int he fromt wiht Vic. I turned out that Jolie somehow ripped her claw completely out. I didn't hear any yips or yelps so I don't know how or exactly when but she did it. She had to stay at the vet's since they had to anesthetize her in order to clean it and check if it needed stitches.

Vic took Joey and I back home and headed back to work. I then got to spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning the blood off my rug, my tile floor (it dripped when I was carrying her), my shoe, my shirt, the rug in my van, and off the back of the van seat. I had intended to clean up the den on Tuesday but I got to spend all that lovely time cleaning up blood...whee fun. Then, I went to bring in our other dog, Jack, from the back yard and he was covered in mud. At that point, I figured what the hell, I'm already wet, tired and dirty, so I picked Jack up and threw him in the bath tub and washed him. Jack is not fond of baths so I got even more wet and dirty in the process. Then, because he tracked mud into the house before I realized how dirty he was, I had to clean and vacuum the rug I had just cleaaned blood off of.

When I finished all this, I realized it was far to late to cook the roast I had bbeen planning to have for dinner so I had to make something else entirely. Thank God for ground beef and non-picky kids.

By this time, it was pushing 4 pm and I had to pick up Jolie from the vet's office at 4:30. So, $400+ later, I have a dog with a shaved, cleaned nailless toe, an e-collar, antibiotics and pain meds for her toe, and ear meds for the asymptomatic ear infection she had. As a bonus, we got to keep the styling pawprint neck kerchief the vet's office had put on her. Thanks to the dog inspired activity and cleaning, none of the other things I had planned to do on Tuesday got completed. And, now I have the joyous fun of living with a pissed off dog who really doesn't like the e-collar thats keeping her from chewing on her healing toe. Jolie is purposely running it into things as a way of protesting its very existence. When we are really lucky, she runs the collar into us.

This most fabulous day was capped off by a severe lack of sleep due to Marty spiking his temp in the middle of the night and puking.

Wednesday was a much calmer day and today is even better still because Marty is back at school.

* Don't even get me started about how fucking pissed off I am that Marty's friend was allowed to have him come over when there was someone that sick in their house...grrrrrrr!


Velda said...

Well my dear, since I have NEVER EVER heard you swear, I can tell how mad you are! I hope Marty is better, the dog heals and the rest of the week is uneventful! (((Hugs))

Beautiful Mess said...

Maybe you can put shin guards on? I hate days like those! The ONLY thing that keeps me from jumping off a cliff on day like that is this "at least they all happened in one day, instead of dealing with a terrible week of mishaps" Hope all is well today. Thank Goddess for school :D

~Tammy said...

That is one jammed packed day. I couldn't believe when I hit the part that it was only 4pm. Hope your week continues to improve.

Deirdre said...

((((HUGS)))) I hope everything has gotten better and the rest of your week went well...