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Friday, November 14, 2008

Update on Michelle...

They didn't have to wire her jaw shut (YAY) but they did have to put three small titanium plates in her chin. That is where her jaw was broken...right where the two sides grow together. The downside is that to put the titanium plates in, they ended up having to stretch a few nerves so there is a chance she may never regain full sensation on her chin. She will definitely be able to smile or frown or laugh but she may not fully feel hot or cold in the areas affected by the nerves that were stretched.

What pisses me off...
  1. That her charges were more serious that the charges brought against the bastard that attacked her. I know that if the jack-off wants to press charges that, by law, the charges must be filed but it still pisses me off.
  2. That the first cop on the scene totally refused to believe Michelle didn't know who this bastard was and implied she MUST have done something to piss him off.
  3. That a whole convenience store full of people watched as this happened. They didn't call 911 and they didn't do anything to help when she had to repeatedly tap (and it must have been tap because he didn't need a doctor) him with her bumper to keep him between his truck and her car when he was trying to come back and attack her again.
  4. That the police arrested her right as she came out of surgery...before she even got her first dose of post surgery pain killers.
What makes me happy:
  1. Michelle has a great lawyer who is going to try and get the bastards charges upped to assault on a female and possibly invoke that he used deadly force which could be proved by the size differential and the injuries sustained.
  2. Michelle is going to file a complaint with the chief of police based on how she was treated.
  3. That Michelle's job instituted a workman's comp claim with her even asking (the injury and time off are covered because she was commuting home from work when this happened).
  4. That Michelle isn't more seriously injured.


~Tammy said...

The poor thing!


MrsSpock said...

Ugh! How horrible of those cops.

When I worked in a group home I witnessed a male coworker abusing a resident. He was fired that day. He called me at work that night and threatened me, so I had to report it to the police. They didn't take it seriously, and kept telling me he must be a boyfriend I was fighting with. Um, no. They didn't come to take my report for 2 weeks. So much for our tax dollars at work.

I hope the lawyer is a rottweiler.

Katrina said...

She needs to go to the media about this too, put some real pressure on the popo to get their shit together. I didn't see anything on wral, and I bet they'd eat this right up. that bastard needs an ass whoopin' if anyone ever did!

Meari said...

It really doesn't surprise me that bystanders didn't call 911. I've had assault experiences where no one helped me either. Also been stranded on the side of the road during a blizzard and no one stopped to help either.

Glad to hear she's doing as well as expected.

Hopefully, the guy who attacked her will get what he deserves (although I have little faith in the justice system).