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Friday, November 14, 2008

Save the Ta-Tas

Did the title make you look? I hope so. I recently became aware of a fabulous group who is raising money to fight breast cancer - Save the Ta-Tas. To date, they have raised over $200,000 to help the fight against breast cancer. Their stated purpose is "to bring joy and healing to the world." I think that is a pretty damned good reason for existence. Their core values are listed as...

We believe that laughter heals.

We believe in leading with a spirit of excellence.

We believe that integrity and generosity brings success for all.

These are sacred and unchanging.
These are our guiding principles for all we do.

Once again, this is a statement I can get behind.

The fabulous people behind this company have come up with a line of t-shirts that promote supporting the search for a cure without being gloomy or depressing. Two of my favorite t-shirts from the women's line are

They also have a line of men's shirts and some of them are pretty funny. I like these two...

If you would like to read a little bit more about this fabulous company, you can read the NY Post article or visit the SaveTheTatas.com website.

All though cancer is never a laughing matter, they have proven that a positive attitude can help the outcome when people are undergoing medical treatment. This could be a wonderful way to lift someone's spirits and help support the search for a cure. I have 2 dear friends who are breast cancer survivors and I hope one day no one has to lose someone to this disease.


Cara said...

Hillarious and a worthy cause. What better combination!

Anonymous said...

Kristin, thank you for stopping at my blog.
I like this: “We believe the laugher heals..” I'm also a great believer in importance of positive attitude that is a power able to spark extraordinary results.