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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Have you voted yet today?

I'm getting ready to go vote. I have my list of who I want for each office. I spent an hour or so last night going through the ballot for my district. If there was a race that I wasn't completely familiar with the candidates (such as the races foe Court of Appeals Judges), I read bios and check campaign websites before I made a choice.

Hehehe, I have decided my husband and I are the types that give pollsters nightmares. My list has democrats, republicans, and libertarians on it.

**I VOTED! And so did my kids. The state is holding a "kids' election" and all kids elementary school age and older get to fill out a mock ballot and they will be tallied and reported. How cool is that?

At only 9:45 this morning, my polling place had already processed 426 voters and there was a constant stream of people coming in. I can't wait to see what the turn out is going to be.


Amanda said...

Yep, I voted first thing this morning and took DS right in the booth with me. Good for you for doing your homework. My selections were all over the board too.

Dora said...

Voted on my way to work. Maybe next year I'll have a baby in my arms in the voting booth.

Katrina said...

Voted this am! Got my sticker to prove it! Lucas voted too.

Cara said...

Didn't get a sticker...but they gave me a cookie!

Margaret said...

Helped rake leaves all morning. Heading off to vote in a bit. Did you vote for my friend Suzanne Reynolds for judge? LOL

Anyway. Yay Kristin for being an INFORMED voter. We're the same way crossing party lines for the right candidate.

Meari said...

I voted, too!