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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crafting is a hazardous activity

Well, it is hazardous when you attempt to do it with a rambunctious near 3 yr old in the room. I was trying to finish assembling a quilted totebag while Gabe was running around the living room. The fabric was starting to bunch under the presser foot on my sewing machine. I reached up to straighten it out and was only partially paying attention because Gabe was being silly. I put my finger in the wrong spot and ended up sewing through the side of my finger. Luckily, a little antibiotic cream and a bandaid took care of it. I finished the totebag which is a long, long overdue present for my bestest friend Jennifer. Without further ado, here are pics of the totebag and other crafty things I've finished in the last 2 weeks.

Jennifer's totebag

Scarf for a 15 yr old girl

Scarf and Hat (for an adult) modeled by Gabe

Snowflake Christmas Tree


Anonymous said...

I have very very nearly done that more than once. Glad it wasn't worse. Beautiful work!

wiccanstitcher said...

Your work is stunning! I must say Gabe makes a very cute model. :)

mom2manyblessings said...

Ouch Kristin! You know better than that. ;) Gld the injury wasn't too serious. Very nice tote bag. And I love the hat and scarf set..beautiful colors. And the snowflake tree is gorgeous. Is that for an exchange?

Cara said...

Man - you do gorgeous work. I want that skill. I'm even willing to work a little for that skill! Too bad you are so far away.

(sigh) someday I'll just travel the world visiting all my new friends...Heck - no hotels necessary, right?

SAHW said...

Ouch! But otherwise, very, very nice. I love the scarves and hat, and you do have an excellent model for them too. :)

Emma said...

Been there, done that! At least you went on to finish the project. I was so shaken by having to get hubby to reverse the needle out of my finger that I stopped, and ended up buying a gift for the kid I was sewing for.

The snowflake tree is very pretty, especially on the dark back ground!

Anonymous said...

The tote bag is beautiful. I love the sparkly scarf. Gabe is adorable showing off the hat and scarf those colors are awesome. I love the snowflake christmas tree. You did a great job on all your projects. Hope your finger heals quickly.